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  • ckoehler
  • chelsea
  • jfong
  • mkelly


  • Roundtable Updates
  • Code complete? (to begin QA & Security reviews)
  • Other issues?


  • Jen:
    • Homepage almost done.
    • Need to do form layout.
    • Most recent layout changes need to be merged into dev branch (Thursday-ish).
  • Mkelly:
    • Can vote on videos.
    • Views to videos (needs some IT work, will file bug).
    • Missing features
    • Notify user when video is uploaded - have copy, need l10n
    • Video shortlinks?
    • Video list sorting and filtering
    • Share buttons
    • Locale Promo video subtitles
    • Dev is up and running! But we still need to get login working.

Action Items