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Current Version

A Better Internet

Mozilla believes the Internet is a global public asset and we are committed to preserving and expanding its value.

We build the Firefox browser and other projects to bring the web into people's lives, but these are just the tools for people to build the Internet they want.

We think there are a few key characteristics of a better Internet:

  • Transparency: An open Internet makes it easier for people to collaborate, innovate and share.
  • Participation: Everyone who uses the Internet can take part in creating it.
  • Shared Control: A decentralized Internet creates more opportunity for participation.
  • Remixability: Individuals can shape their own experiences on the Internet.

Looking for more ways to make the Internet better?

Already using a current browser? See how you can help family, friends and colleagues experience a safer Internet.

  • You can build a better Internet by getting involved with Mozilla. You don’t have to be a C++ guru (or even know what that means!) and you don’t need to spend lots of time.


You Can Help!

Donate to the Mozilla Foundation and help us make the Internet you want.

Suggestions for Changes

Feel free to edit the text above directly or add comments here:

The current characteristics seem to overlap a bit and leave some stuff out. Here's my suggestion for a tweak to the list:

  • transparency
  • participation
  • choice
  • generativity (not sure what the noun version of this is)

or if we want all adjectives:

  • transparent
  • participatory
  • choice (not sure what the right adjective is for this, since the adjective of choice isn't the right sense here)
  • generative

Another list of four words form Drumbeat discussions:

  • open
  • participatory
  • decentralized
  • generative

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