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This is a page to post draft content for regional pages. Feel free to provide thoughts or comments on how we're organizing information about local sites or what content is being provided.

Note: these pages are not a replacement for any local sites, but rather a way for us to promote and highlight the cool stuff the local sites are doing.


There are at least a few ways we could set up these pages.

  • Have a common URL for the nav and for promotions (like that auto-detected where people are coming from and redirects to that page. There would then be a region picker in the main body that let people navigate to other regional pages'
  • Have just one page that dynamically brings up information about different regions as people scroll through a world map.
  • Treat each of these pages as another sub-page and list them out in the nav just like other sub-pages.



Mozilla in Africa and the Middle East

Headline: Mozilla in Africa and the Middle East

Intro: Learn more about what's going on with Mozilla near you. Find a site in your language (or start your own), see upcoming events and learn about other contribution opportunities.

List of active sites in region (numbers in parentheses represent pin placement on map:

List of Mozilla spaces in region:

  • Placeholder
  • Placeholder

Promos (these are examples for demonstration purposes):

  • Join us for the Kenya meetup
  • Help us localize Firefox in Kirundi

Region picker:

  • Africa and Middle East
  • Americas
  • Asia
  • Europe

Note: Not sure the best way to navigate to different regional pages. Should we detect where people are coming from and serve page and people can then navigate to other regions? Should we just list all regions in side nav? Other ideas?

Mozilla in Latin America

List of active sites in region:

Mozilla in the US and Canada

  • No local sites


  • Mountain View (266,256)
  • San Francisco (same pin as above?)
  • Toronto (439,221)

Mozilla in Asia

List of active sites in region:

Mozilla in Europe

List of active sites in region:


  • London (246,192)


Open Questions

  • Are there any active local sites missing?
  • Do we want to list all local sites or just one site per locale that can serve as an aggregator to all of the local content?
  • Are there any sites that don't fit into a specific region (for example, a site focused around a language instead of a country)? Do we list those sites in each region that is appropriate or organize things a different way?