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Meeting Details

  • Meeting time: Thursday, August 18 at 10 AM PDT
  • Dial-in information: 1-800-707-2533, pin: 369, conf: 634
  • Back channel:


  • Introductions
  • Report back on tracking the plays of QA video (about 1,000 views/day)
  • Report back on the Newsletter Coordinator position (6 people responded, picked 1)
  • Question: How can we help get people involved in security projects?
  • Question: How do we help fix the feeling that some contributors have difficulty having their voice heard?
  • Question: Can we bring in game elements to help people figure out what they'd like to do?

Action Items

  • To deal with audio problems, David will add video information to next meeting announcement.
  • Marcia to ask how people found out about test days after Juan's QA video goes live to see if there is a bump from that.
  • David to meet with Curtis and Lukas to talk about how security and release engineering contribution information can get added to contributor channels.
  • Mary asked people to consider who to invite to upcoming Town Hall.
  • Lukas to help with requirements for a game interface that could help people find contribution opportunities.


Video: -> Turn Key; templates -> creative? -> eye catching? -> non monatone announcer guy -> QA/localization/PR/Dev Mozilla Festival - Drumbeat; similar to mozcamp or summit, new media; night challenge -> buzz around tech that we're involved with -> training them; buzz, new contributors -> larger one on one -> african/middle east focus? EU focus?

Mozilla changed carriers? -> 800 test day: survey, how they hear about us, how effective is the video?

very explicit in getting involved needed done rather than what to do

reaching versus what what is the problem? hard to know what do we want a contributor to do

can grow into crit smash

How do I engage people/community? - Personal blog - blog - product meeting - planning meeting - experiment; security Release Engineering ; LDAP


when a code lands and then gets fixed, it becomes public. Don't want to give attackers how to exploit it.

nominated and vouched for.

web page what talks about security

public channel #security

protect users from being exploited learning resource access to bugs, being able to see code having some kind of followups to fix the bugs. blog posting when there's a bug fix. review bugs, brief description of the issue. rss subscribe to the feed. advisory (sent out 6)

- recent blog post on people quitting mozilla

- her goals are to communicate direction of mozilla
- forum
- gecko
- conversation with community leads; not just regional leaders, but functional leads, ideally we invite people with influence/reach, wants intimate, candid conversations
- have a list of people : people don't feel like their opinions/thoughts are heard.  forum for leadership.  Mozcamp Asia, Mozcamp Europe followup

There's bound to be attrition; can't change everyone's opinion - how can we improve - survey; asa was the straw that broke the camels back? harsh? people get tired of being mistreated? saying things the right way? it is harder to have your voice heard.

- build it with us. say the roles; communicating what we do - document well with what they are doing and public - actively seek, ask for feedback; dilute the communication at the end - being transparent at what we're doing - give easy channels - being part of the process - bidirectional communication - interactive channels - direction of our organization - rapid release cycle; get on board, get off board? - well defined channels ; soliciting input in a way that makes sense - for what we need and what we don't need - feedback fatigue - how do you go better, how do you communicate better - time for free. communication is necessary - communicate better - posting things to planet, vague; we could be doing -> targeting the communication for feedback for localizations. Target people. getting feedback specific things.

works when people are smaller group, but now that we're bigger, we have to change how we do things

business is different in different country

several contributors have mentioned some comments; the power of decision has an impact on morality.

How to pick a bug, how to contribute, personalities -> low hanging fruit? point them based on personalities

streamline -> personalize tasks by personality? profiling app? quiz and drill down -> contact info

reduce the feeling of being ignored for long time contributors vs new contributors

community with a company in it rather than company with community around it

What are they passionate about, where do they want to contribute

-> don't want to be perceived as noise ->