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Mozilla Get Involved page - Next Level (revamping Get Involved page and process)

Project Goal

 The general revamping of Get Involved page. The goal of this project is to have a easy to access, user-oriented (newcomer) page. 
 The main goal of IA Mozilla Websites project is to make the central site of Mozilla Project and the other ones, product/campaign/project oriented websites. 


User/Visitor Overview

Usually, people accessing are normal Internet users, who want to know how they can help Mozilla Project. They are new to Mozilla Universe, without knowledge about what's happening now in the project, Mozilla's initiatives, Mozilla community. Some of them may come from other Free Software/Open Source projects, they having a deep knowledge about Get Involved process.

Bellow is a short classification of users accessing the Get Involved page:

Surveys and results

During the next months will be made a series of surveys/research, gathered metrics data about type of users accessing Get Involved, how they arrive on Get Involved page (via google,, other sites)

TO DO: gather concrete data and analysis from metrics team


Alina Mierlus ( alina [at] ) David Boswell ....

Issues on current page

  • Not very clear and structured (eg. Open to Choice is a marketing campaign, not a "core" thing we do);
  • Focusing on Areas of Interest may be a bit confused for new contributors (large amount of documentation, lots of projects etc.);
  • Good implementation focused on tabs (extensibility), but not used in a proper way (find appropriate content);

Contribute point people

Add new point people to answer inquiries. Rethink the Contact Form roadmap.

Contribute call moved after bi-weekly marketing call. See here the new page.

Next Steps - Implementation process


The currently Get Involved webpage is built using multiple tabs which allows a