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This page has been archived and its contents may be out of date.

Note: This page refers to the relaunch of the site completed in August 2009 and is available for reference.

What we have now

Right now, we have a full "build" system. There's no dynamic part of the site. Each HTML file has the following:

  • part of a header (<title>, <meta>, <link feed> sometimes
  • a full body (including <body> tag)
  • end tags for the <html>

The build system than pulls in a real header and footer along with an optional sidebar. There are a few varying templates for this which change the selected tab in the header and select the sidebar (if it's chosen). (Template sample)

The inclusion for templates is done using HTML comments, e.g., . (Sample HTML file)

There are, however, some pages that don't use the templates and, as I said above, some don't have a sidebar. To do this, there are two files that, when present in a directory, change the display of a page. If a NOMENU file exists, every listed HTML page listed will not receive a sidebar. Likewise, if a NOWRAP files exists, the entire styling for a page is not applied.

What we need to get

To move to the new design, we need to do the following:



Who and what they're doing

The following people are available to help:

  • reed (scripting, php work)
  • ss (whatever I can help with)
  • david
  • stephend (testing)