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This page has been archived and its contents may be out of date.

This page tracks information about various Firefox related pages on


  • Minefield start page (redirects to Nightly first run page -- no longer used after about:home added)
  • Note: All beta, release candidate and final release pages are hosted on

More information available about Firefox releases on wiki.


The assumption is that developers and testers are coming to these pages and not end-users. Links to these pages are in pre-release versions of Firefox and in other community locations, although some people could be coming across them in searches.

Question: Why are older release pages, such as Gran Paradiso still getting traffic? Did people start testing an earlier version and never upgrade? Did people upgrade but the start page was retained in their profile (this seems to be happening with some of the traffic to the old Suite start page)?

Note: Having page-level web stats that show user-agent could help us identify the audience but Urchin doesn't provide that data.


Having community oriented Firefox pages is useful, so the pages should be updated to make sure people interested in testing and development get the information they need. Cleaning up and improving the existing pages would include:

  • Updating the Firefox project page (bug 350989). Proposed page mockup below:

Firefox project page.png

  • Redirecting traffic to Firefox project page from old releases page (such as Gran Paradiso) that are no longer under development and then remove those pages.
  • Revisit the design and content (and maybe do some testing) of the Minefield and Pre-release landing pages to make sure they are effectively making use of the traffic they get to help with testing and development and promoting any other information we think is relevant.