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Since this program will expand beyond just parks, we need a higher level container to talk about parks, beaches, etc. pages.

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Mozilla Parks

At Mozilla we foster a healthy ecosystem of communities that promote the ability to freely access, modify and distribute software and creative works. These ecosystems have created a thriving digital commons. Much like a park is a physical commons that provides benefits to people around it, a healthy digital commons provides benefits to all people online. It comes as no surprise then that Mozilla uses the names of parks for some of the products that help us promote our mission of building a better Internet.

  • Thunderbird 3.1 Lanikai Beach (link to page)
  • Firefox 3.6 - Namoroka Park (link to page)

(Note: with only two parks so far it might not make sense to split these up, but ideally the design would be flexible enough to accommodate several different Firefox parks and Thunderbird beaches perhaps in different sections of the page.)

[Map of world with Firefox and Thunderbird logos]

(Not sure if text is needed to explain the map or not -- can provide if we think it is helpful)

Initial wire-frame thoughts