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Firefox Download Funnel Creative Brief Review August 22, 2012


  • pscanlon
  • lforrest
  • habber
  • ckoehler
  • leetom
  • smartell


The goal of this meeting is to review the revised creative brief and ux concepts as a group and collect feedback on them that can be used to create a more refined concept.


Revised creative brief:

Review UX Plan:

Wireframe Sketches:


CCS3 overlay example:

Examples of how to add interactivity:

Need to account for how to represent entire Firefox ecosystem. Probably need to add mention of this to the creative brief. Can probably use the existing wireframes.

Browser stats

Of visits coming to the /new page:

  • IE - 40%
  • Fx - 36%
  • Chrome - 17%
  • Safari - 6%

Most visitors to are running Firefox (83.75%). (Is this the /new page or the site in general? For this flow we'd want to focus on the users who start their session on /new, which are not current Firefox users - above) only; We can't get a break-down by browser version (only browser type) for a specific page. (we can, see All Custom Reports, Browser by Page URL report within combined profile -- I'm so glad we're dumping WT)

IE follows second with 13.4%

  • IE8 - 2.19%
  • IE9 - 2.04%
  • IE6 - 1.01%
  • IE7 - 0.69%

Chrome is third with 3.17%

Webtrends doesn't have a browser versions by page report, so we don't know what browser versions people are using when they visit the Firefox download pages.

Page Speed Baseline:

  • On DSL, complete page load times ranges from 1.5-6 seconds.
  • On 56k modem, complete page load times range from 45-60 seconds.
  • Using webpagetest, there isn't a noticeable difference between different global locations.
  • tests ran in:
    • Virginia, US
    • Sao Paulo, Brazil
    • Madrid, Spain
    • Buenos Aires, Spain
    • Moscow, Russia
    • Frankfurt, Germany
    • Delhi, India

(Working on compiling all of the stats. Will update with a link as soon as I'm done) Links to all results:

Action Items

  • holly: define page variations
  • laura: define features to promote (for desktop and mobile)
  • holly & sean: define ways to showcase entire ecosystem
  • christie: consolidate documentation and feedback on wiki