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Review as a group our initial plans for improving the Firefox download funnel and identify any technical constraints or issues.

Note: We're still in the initial exploratory stages, so plans are very rough. However, given the important of this part of our website, I want technical stakeholders involved early and often.


  • rik
  • ckoehler
  • cmore
  • craigcook


Review UX Plan:

Wireframe Sketches:



  • create an uber firefox page that has different views based on attributes of the visitor (browser, version, platform, locale, new vs returning user)
  • page to have an html5/css-based interactive animation
  • page will have three main areas:
    • top: firefox intro with messaging that is appropriate for user
    • middle: download/product push, (after download prompt, install instructions)
    • bottom: addition content (e.g portal to rest of Firefox ecosystem)
  • download prompt to be in-line
  • installation instructions appear on page upon download prompt (no redirect to another page)
  • then send to first-run page, which should have interactivity and social sharing features
  • all pages need responsive design
  • should have ability to track conversions


  • one vs many urls?
  • alternative workflows for old browsers and/or no javascript
  • how can we do a/b test?
  • how much interactivity can we have on the page? with an animation?
  • how do we adapt green download buttons?
  • We haven't talked responsive design (adapting the design to the screen size) and adapting to the device (what message should we send to a device that can install Firefox, one that can't)
  • The OneURL vs /fx/, /new/, /mobile/
  • Look into common screen heights to see where we should put the download button (I'd say above 768px)
  • regular download link would be an improvement over current page, provided we don't have to maintain two paths
  • interactivity possible but would have to be mindful of maintainability (esp if using actual screen captures)
  • product images: could represent with html/css, but then need a fallback for older browsers
  • use graphite to get real-time metrics
  • need clarity around what prioritized goals are
  • look at implementing lazy loading; keep page as small as possible
  • researching "cloaking" re google
  • caching issues - if variations are determined server-side, can't be cached and only served in US,

Action Items

Rik: RTL screenshot for ckoehler -> firefox-rtl.png

ckoehler: follow-up with creative/rproduct team