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Update the current MWC page on in time for MWC 2015

Update the current Firefox OS partner page to capture the value of FxOS being an open ecosystem with an interactive experience to include videos, narratives and quotes.

Redesign the FxOS consumer page. Serve as a destination where existing and prospective consumers can learn about the value of owning a FxOS smartphone and easily find information based on consumer needs. The site’s secondary purpose is to direct current/prospective partner, developers and members of the press to industry-related FxOS pages and resources.

Info & Specs


Specs and Assets


The primary and secondary contacts for each role of this project:

  • Product Manager: Jen Bertsch
  • Project Manager: Mike Alexis
  • UX: Holly Habstritt
  • PMM: Diana Livits, Natalia Winter
  • Design: Ty Flanagan, Lee Tom
  • Copy: Matej Novak
  • Wed dev: Steven Garrity
  • Analytics: Gareth Cull
  • L10N: Flod, Pascal Chevrel



Project Management