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Community Involvement


The Get Involved page is the first page most people see when they want to become a contributor at Mozilla. It is important that this page be reflective of the people in our community. In order to do that we have opened up the design process to incorporate your feedback. Mozilla is not just one voice and the way we build our products, especially the Get Involved page, needs to reflect that.

We have involved the community on this project so far (e.g. meetings, blogs, etherpads, surveys (2), mailing lists, card sorting, testing our early prototypes and, a workshop at MozCamp India) and will continue to do so. Please check back on this wiki page for updates.

Team Info & Project Specs

The team is working closely with the Community Building and Community Engagement teams to build a new version of the Get Involved page to better support Mozilla’s “Enable Communites that Have Impact” goal.

  • Blog post with more info
  • Overview Brief
  • Blog post inviting feedback on early prototypes (survey now closed)
  • Thanks for your feedback on our latest design mockups (posted oh this wiki from Aug 26-Sept 5, 2014). We heard that it would be nice to have how-to guides available and that we need to do a better job explaining "Why should I contribute?" Your feedback was heard and we'll take it into account when updating our designs now or in future iterations as we learn how potential contributors are interacting with the site. Thanks again!




The primary and secondary contacts for each role of this project:

  • Visual design: Ty Flanagan
  • Copy: Troy Palmer
  • UX: Holly Habstritt Gaal
  • Web dev: Craig Cook
  • Product Manager: Jennifer Bertsch
  • Project Manager: Mike Alexis
  • Metrics: Gareth Cull
  • QA: Rebecca Billings
  • Security:
  • Privacy:
  • L10N: Pascal Chevrel, flod


  • Responsible: Jen Bertsch
  • Accountable: Jess Davis
  • Supportive: Web prod and creative teams for web work and Justin for CRM integration
  • Consulted: Community builders team (Larissa, Sean)
  • Informed: Enabling Communities Integrated team & Engagement leads


Project Management