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Update Dec 8th - The scope for this project has changed. See scope document for current deliverables

An onboarding experience on to support the launch of Firefox Hello. This campaign is part of the larger engagement campaign which is being tracked in Basecamp.

In scope for GA 35
  • FTE/FTU: a first time experience (aka FTU) which will guide a new user through his or her first conversation
  • FTUE (Minimal): a descoped version of the tour, which is a static page with minimal/no product interaction
  • Product Page: a new product page highlighting Hello
In scope for GA 36 (Feb 24th)

The goal of the onboarding suite will be to drive awareness of Firefox Hello, and encourage usage of the new product.

Project Management

Below you'll find documents and information relevant to all elements in the Hello Onboarding web experience.


The schedule for all web elements is consolidated into one SmartSheet.

Hello: Onboarding Schedule (GA 35) Hello: Onboarding Schedule (GA 36)


This document contains wireframes for the web elements associated with Hello Onboarding.

Web Elements Tracker Bug

Tracking all of the web elements for Hello Onboarding.

Hello: Onboarding Web Tracker - GA 35

Hello: Onboarding Web Tracker - GA 36

Web Elements Localization Bug

l10n for all web components will be followed in a single bug.

Hello: Onboarding Localization

Engineering Bug Manifest

Contains a list of important engineering bugs for Hello Onboarding elements.

Bug Spreadsheet

Meeting Notes

Older Notes


Other important documents and schedules for the larger Hello campaign engagement-wide.

Engagement Hello Information

Project Breakdown

Below you will find information specific to each element, as well as a list of filed bugs.

FTE/FTU - First Time Experience/Use

This will be the most complex element in the campaign.

FTE/FTU (Minimal)

A minimal FTE to use if we are not able to land all the necessary engineering for GA 35.



Product Page

Post Tour Page



Older documents from original kickoff


The primary and secondary contacts for each role of this project:

  • Content Owner: Arcadio Lainez
  • Creative lead: Matej Novak
  • Visual design: Lee Tom
  • Copy: Matej Novak, Troy Palmer
  • UX: Holly Habstritt
  • Web dev: Alex Gibson, Jon Petto
  • Product Manager: Jen Bertsch
  • Project Manager: Cory Price (dev), Lizz Noonan (engagement)
  • Metrics: Gareth Cull
  • Fx Engineering: Matt Noorenberghe, Justin Dolske
  • Snippets: Fabio Rios, Mike Kelly, Steven Garrity
  • QA -
  • Security -
  • Privacy -
  • L10N: Francesco Lodolo, Pascal Chevrel