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Goal: Create a very clear next step about how to contribute to QA for people who use the Nightly build. The current page has 22 links on it and it's not providing a clear pathway for people.

Audience: The group of people who have chosen to download and use Nightly builds who are interested in our development and/or testing processes.

Priority: Creating a functioning pathway for connecting with QA contributors is a key part of the 2014 goal of growing the size of the community by 10x. Having a Nightly First Run page with clear actions on it is a critical part of creating that QA pathway.

Info & Specs




The primary and secondary contacts for each role of this project:

  • Visual design: Ty Flanagan
  • Copy: Matej Novak
  • UX: Holly Habstritt
  • Web dev: Theo Chevalier
  • Product Manager: Jennifer Bertsch
  • Project Manager: Mike Alexis
  • Metrics: Gareth Cull
  • QA - Raymond Etornam
  • Security -
  • Privacy -
  • L10N - Pascal Chevrel, flod


  • Responsible: Jen Bertsch
  • Accountable: David Boswell, Michelle Markovich
  • Supportive: Web prod and creative teams for web work
  • Consulted:
  • Informed:


Project Management