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This is the archived One Mozilla page, covering related projects from 2011 and early 2012. For more current information, please visit the One Mozilla wiki.


Phase 1. The Merge (March 2011 - August 2011)

Bring (Firefox product site), (Thunderbird product site),, and (community site) together into a single codebase:

  • until August 24, 2011, marketing materials directed users to, which then redirects users to a .com page)
  • In this phase we united codebases and rebranded URLs from major Firefox-focused product pages as .org, an effort to bring clarity to the user experience and overall understanding of Mozilla as a non-profit

Phase II. Build Bedrock & Redesign (September 2011 - current)

  • build a real One Mozilla, a single platform where and Mozilla product sites (Firefox, Thunderbirds, Apps, etc.) can co-exist and share code
  • refresh the design to better express mobile-first techniques, updated brand messaging, usability improvements


Why Build a New Platform? is a pretty simple static content site (though, we have a lot of it!), but working on the site has become increasingly hard over the past few years. Here are some of our pain points (some might sound all too familiar to you in your job):

  • Mobile, we currently don't have framework for handling mobile pages
  • Templates, we currently don't have clear separation of templates and code, which is messy, hard to understand
  • SVN, we currently use SVN instead of git and SVN doesn't excel when it comes to tracking features and managing rollouts quickly
  • Libraries, we currently can't leverage popular libraries of optimizations that other mozilla sites use

Why Bedrock

These libraries are currently being used and actively developed on other Mozilla sites.

Most of this and more can be found at "Current Pain Points with's Architecture/Platform":


To create and maintain a true "One Mozilla" web universe, where our many diverse product sites are connected by common navigational elements, URL structure and visual identity.

The One Mozilla project should feature nothing less than world class design and content on the front end and be built on the very best code and open technology on the back end. It should be a showcase for the modern web, while never deviating from its mission of serving the Mozilla community.

It should be fully accessible across platforms and devices, and inclusive of the many languages and cultures we support. Our process should be disciplined, transparent and open to anyone who wants to participate, and our methods should be a careful mix of data-driven decision making and expert intuition.

Our web universe should reflect the best of Mozilla, and we never stop trying to make it even better.


Q4 2011

Q3 2011

Q2 2011


Negotiate - these are the project owners, responsible for going to all the meetings and making the final decisions on things

  • James, WebDev Lead
  • John, Creative Director/Branding
  • Sean Martell, Lead Designer/Branding
  • Stephanie Schipper, Mozilla Foundation

Consult - the folks will be very involved in the review & feedback process, but aren't considered 'owners' of the project

  • Fred
  • CB
  • David Boswell, Contributor Engagement
  • Asa Dotzler, Firefox
  • Matej Novak, Mozilla Creative/Branding

Inform - these people will be directly informed of project updates (design reviews, etc) and their opinions will be sought, but are less involved than the people on the consult level

  • Ragavan, Apps
  • Thunder, Browser ID
  • Pascal Finette, webfwd
  • Pascal Chevrel, l10n
  • Anne-Marie Bourcier, Thunderbird
  • Mike Morgan, Web Dev
  • Jason Grlicky, UX
  • Ryan Merkley, Mozilla Foundation
  • Jane Finette, Engagement & Apps
  • Stormy Peters, MDN
  • Gervase Markham, Community
  • fantasai, Community
  • Eric Shepherd, Community

Planning Assets

  • Complete Content Stakeholder Interviews for:
    • Mozilla-Europe, Pascal, June 7
    • Mozilla Messaging, Rafael, June 8
    •, David Boswell, June 9
    •, John Slater
    • L10N Team, Stas, June 9

Meetings & Notes


Tracking Bug 610724


  • 652292 - [Bedrock Dev Site] Up and Running
  • 706836 - [Bedrock Dev Site] Doesn't seem to be serving


  • 630964 - [One Mozilla] Integrate designs of and
  • 629699 - [Universal Header] Phase 2

for merged site -

Feature Requests

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