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This the agenda and action items for the weekly check-in meeting for Dusty Road, which took place on 2011-05-11 at 10:00 in room All Your Base and Conference #474.



The purpose of this meeting is determine the scope of Dusty Road, to get status updates from the web developers, and to get time estimates from each of the parties involved.

  • Identify Attendants and their Roles in this project.
    • Product owner
    • TPM
    • Designer
    • Web Developers
    • IT
    • QA
    • Security
    • Legal
    • L10N
  • This meeting will be declared over at 10:25.

Status Update

  • Context
    • introduction to the 3 phases
    • meet the Q2 goal of re-branding our flagship site as a .org site
      • Archive all .org pages
      • Merge existing .com pages into .org codebase
      • Redirect all .com visitors to the corresponding .org page
    • Rip cord;
  • Additional Considerations
    • Mozilla Europe
    • Mozilla Messaging
  • Roles and People Involved
  • Each group member will give a status update of action items identified in previous meeting and identify blockers.
    • Archiving - David Boswell, Sheppy
    • Merge - Milos, James, Anthony, Steven
  • Time Estimates
    • Include vacation requests in that estimate
    • All of Web Dev is out June 20-24

Action Items

The following action items were identified and assigned in this meeting:

  • {Person}: {Action}
  • {Person}: {Action}
  • {Person}: {Action}

Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place on {Date} at {Time}.