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  • Communicate Brand, Positioning & Product Features
  • Increase Download Conversion
  • Measure User Experience
  • Expand & Empower Brand Communications
  • Support the Rapid Release Process

Communicate Brand, Positioning & Product Features

#One Mozilla aka Site Unification Project (CB)

  • This project brings: mozilla-europe product pages & under the domain.
  • Read more on the wiki here [wiki] - [Tracking Bug 610724]

#Major landing page optimizations: 

  • What's New [Bug]
  • First Run (Chrissie to research)
  • Panda Page (if time permits for cb)

#Snippets: Increase Firefox Feature Adoption through About:Home (LF)

  • [P1 July] Add Persona Preview and Install functionality from about:home snippet [Bug 663222] - DONE
    • Functionally Infused Snippet Goodness
    • Next steps - launch to GA now that it's live in the Beta channel
  • If Persona snippet is successful push to GA users [Bug]
  • [P1 August] Add Add-on Install functionality from about:home snippet [Bug 667955] -- Moved to Q4
  • [P2] Newsletter sign-up functionality  -- WINSTON

#Universal Tab: Implementation of the Universal Tab on

#Research and provide recommendations on Future Release download experience (LF DONE)

  • User research here - DONE

#Rapid Release Branding Project - Increase Channel Discoverability and Branding (LF)

  • Revamp overall Future release landing page/discovery experience - [Bug 679277]
  • Add branding elements throughout install process - BUGS FILED

Increase Download Conversion

#In order to track download conversion rates across locales & improve user experience with instructions: (Pascal)

  • Add "thank you" experience to all Mozilla Europe product/download pages [Bug 667542] --DONE

#In order to apply the en-US optimizations to our localized sites so they can benefit from our improvements: (CB)

#In order to increase conversion of IE users (especially XP users) & Chrome users:

  • Test IE detection with IE-specific positioning on [Bug 677798]
  • Test Chrome detection with Chrome-specific position on [CHRISSIE]

#In order to increase conversion and innovate with design & brand takeaways (develop a "labs-like" culture): (CB)

#In order to increase upgrade urgency: (CB)

  • Test persistent messaging around version detection to increase updates to latest FX versions [Bug 667550]--DONE
    • Blog post: Increasing Firefox Upgrades With Some Basic UX Magic & A/B Testing –

#In order to increase Firefox for Mobile Downloads: (CB)

  •  [Bug 666671] -- Redesign Mobile Download Workflow on [DONE]
  •  [Bug 667554] -- Optimize Landing Page for Desktop Experience
  •  [Bug 654544]-- Update Firefox Home page to reflect new design and features [Postponed]
  •  [Bug 653459] -- Reconfigure /mobile/platforms/ to scale for the addition of new devices [DONE]

Establish Search Excellence & Standards Compliance

Measure and Share Site Visitor User Experience

  • Web dashboard for Engagement/Web Team [Bug 664294] (LF)
  • Track site visitor non-profit awareness over time [Bug 660996] (LF)
  • Track important conversion events over time: desktop download convertion, Channel download conversion, Mobile download conversion, Home download conversion, Join Mozilla (LF) [DONE]
  • User testing:
  • mobile download
  • Conduct two sets of in-house office hours testing to conduct user research on site pain points (CB)

Deploy Outstanding Mobile Experience

  • Mobile (now that basic research is done and improvements have been identified, implement changes and measure the effectiveness) (CB)
  • Q3, Increase Discoverability & Downloads for Mobile [Tracking Bug 682340]
  • Desktop Experience
    • Locate places where we are missing the mobile download button/messaging & add it
      • [Bug 682363] -- Update mobile promo to link to a mobile destination
      • [Bug 681527] -- Replace blue vanity button w/ green download button
      • [Bug 681526] -- Add download button to /platforms
    • Update mobile messaging to be consistent across the site
      • [Bug 682375] -- Update copy/design on mobile download button
    • Streamline content across site in preparation for Q4 responsive design project
      • [Bug 682346 ] -- Streamline/simplify content on features
    • Add pages to and optimize the Future Release download funnel/experience
      • [Bug 682350] -- Add page to Future Release w/ Android buttons above desktop
    • Optimize SEO
      • Add unique page for Beta for Android
      • Add unique page for Aurora for Android
  • /m Experience (both iOS & Android) 
    • [Tracking Bug 682340]
      • [P1] [Bug 683754] Make icons clickable, and link to relevant /m pages
      • [P2] [Bug 683760] Eliminate menu to simplify and streamline /m experience
      • [P1] [Bug 683755] Add duplicate download buttons to bottom of the scrolling experience, so users don't have to scroll back up to the top to click download if they read the entire screen
      • [P1] [Bug 683755] Add a download button on each page of /m (both top and bottom of pages)
      • [P1] [Bug 683757] Add "back" button to interface, so that when a user does click on a menu item, she can easily go back to the download
  • Tablet Experience
    • Implement device detection for tablet users, so that they see the full experience
      • [P1] [Bug 683209] -- Update main navigation on /firefox to create a reliable fallback for tablet users that triggers feedback on clicks
        • Send tablet users to /firefox experience v. /m exprience
      • [P2] Eliminate download button across site for tablet users and replace with social or other promotional unit
  • Other Bugs
  •  [Bug 682972 ] -- Mobile - Aurora Sending Users to a Wiki
  •  [Bug 676678] -- Update Features Page [Postponed to Q4]
  •  [Bug 666671] -- Redesign Mobile Download Workflow on [DONE]
  •  [Bug 654544] -- Update Firefox Home page to reflect new design and features [Postponed to Q4]
  •  [Bug 653459] -- Reconfigure /mobile/platforms/ to scale for the addition of new devices [DONE]

*Meeting Notes

Full Support for Rapid Release Process & Engagement Campaign Launches

  • Continue support of the Rapid Release campaign/cycle (LF)
  • Streamline Firefox product content on [Bug 672669] (LF/CB)
  • Work to automate release processes as much as possible (technical goal, How Can We Automate These Releases)
  • Launch Firefox 6 successfully on the site (LF) -- DONE
  • Launch Firefox 7 successfully on the site (LF)
    • (Tracking bug not filed yet)
  • Launch Newsletter Signup campaign on site to help reach newsletter signup Q3 goals [BUG676628] -- DONE

Continued Management of

  • Weekly web team meetings and ongoing support of (soon to be .org) website (LF/CB/JS)
  • Support for user engagement content project
  • Support for PR State of Mozilla project [Bug 683807]
  • Total bugs resolved here

Installer Project

  • Work with product team and PMM to launch sub-installer (LF)
  • Define next steps and Q3, Q4 roadmap to optimize installation process (LF)
  • Drive wekly cross-functional status meetings (LF)