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Bedrock Static Media Improvements

  1. Move to Django 1.6
  2. Move media to use staticfiles (PR #2672)
    1. move from jingo-minify to django-pipeline
  3. Clean up deployment
  4. Move to Python 2.7 (Bug 1118786) (Full process from IT etherpad)
    1. alter code to use proper python (Bug 1118786, PR #2629)
      1. Adjust scripts to call proper python
      2. Adjust to call proper python
        • Ideally via PYTHON_PATH provided by Chief... would require this to be some form of template.
        • Alternatively, a simple duplicate hard-coding of what's in
    2. update Travis CI to test against 2.7
  5. Move from Apache to Whitenoise for serving static media
    1. Move non-template files served at site root (humans.txt, contribute.json, etc.) to a directory and have whitenoise serve it at the root of the site (via WHITENOISE_ROOT setting).
  6. Move deployment fully to peep and remove vendor submodules (Bug 1144669)
    1. install peep
    2. peepify requirements files for compiled dependencies (possibly using peepin)
    3. use virtualenv built for step 4
    4. use peepify to update requirements files
  7. Remove funfactory (Bug 1155810)
  8. Upgrade Django to 1.8
  9. Move to a hybrid Gulp (or keep Grunt) + Django media management system (CSS, JS, Images, etc.)
  10. Add JS tests to CI