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Websites Team UX Projects


  • UX Lead - Holly Habstritt
  • Manager - Chris More
  • Product Manager - Jennifer Bertsch
  • Web Development Manager - Ben Sternthal

Current UX Projects

  • MWC Industry Experience Creating an experience for Mobile World Congress
    • The majority of attendees at MWC are from the mobile industry - primarily operators and manufacturers. Page is a long, scrolling, parallax experience that tells the story of the products we offer, as well as how to engage in partnership opportunities with Mozilla. Experience is also fully responsive, focusing on 2 primary breakpoints for tablet and mobile and using a more fluid approach within. (ie:

  • Firefox Onboarding Funnel
    • Addresses the user's path from searching for a Firefox product, through downloading, installation, and continued use. Conversion, Retention, Education.
    • A - /new redesign and testing: Initial testing complete, new design pushed week of Feb 4, 2013 with an 14% overall conversion rate, and many speed improvements (time to be able to interact: 46% decrease, time to load page content: 71% decrease, time to execute JavaScript: 35% decrease)
    • B - Firefox Family Page Redesign: This redesign introduces all Firefox products under one family page. Style is similar and complementary to MWC Industry Experience. Initial designs are complete. Completion of this page will be determined by its parent project release schedule. (TBD)
    • C - What's New Design Update: Improve how information is served to users here (ie: more visual, related to product release schedule). How can we make product updates more apparent and increase overall value and interaction of this page.
    • D - First Run Design Update (cross-team collaboration with UX and engineering teams): Implement in-chrome demos that react/respond to user interaction within the web page (or in-chrome page that appears as a web experience for the user).
    • E - Snippets: How can we use snippets as an ongoing communication element with our users to teach them and notify them about product/feature updates.
    • F - Update legacy pages, such as to convert those allowed to upgrade at a higher rate:
    • Proposed project phases and RASCI:
    • Product Rapid Release Calendar:
    • 2013 Q1 Product Marketing Goals:

  • MDN Redesign
    • A - Interim Update for MWC (messaging and a few asset updates)
    • B - Phase 1: Homepage layout/taxonomy update for testing, Updated Search (IxD and display), Primary Navigation / Taxonomy Update, Demos Page structure update, Integrate Hacks blog within nav and site template, Testing testing testing, depending on design resource we will consider minor css updates as well
    • C - Phase 2: CSS / Logo redesign, Docs template redesign, Homepage updates based on testing in phase 1, Profile Page Updates + Onboarding flow updates, integrate back-channel communication such as embedding IRC client into web.
    • D - Phase 4: Address outstanding sections, such as Community, any additional docs section updates, community support and messaging.