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Why does this project matter?

We currently have three main pages where users go to download Firefox:

What is wrong with having three separate download pages?

  • Users are redirected to /fx and /new based on the /firefox redirect. The /firefox redirect will soon be replaced with the Firefox Family website.
  • Search engines don't provide redirects in their results and thus /firefox is never in the results. Search engines don't know which page is for exisiting or new users and thus whatever page is linked to the most is what is provided.
  • Increases complexity of redirects and possible errors.
  • /firefox/update/ gets traffic direct to it by /firefox/whatsnew/ from all locales, but /firefox/update/ has never been localized.
  • SEO is split over three different pages and by having a single URL with conditional content, we focus all SEO on a single page that can be continiously tested and optimized.

What is considered success with this project?

  • Combine all three download pages into a single experience.
  • Accurately handle all visitor types and their intentions and give additional options.
  • Improve the conversion rates of users visiting the singular download page as compared to the three individual pages.
  • Redirect /firefox/update/, /firefox/fx/, and /firefox/new/ to /firefox/download/ and update links. (long-term goal)


Existing bedrock codes:


  • Responsible: Michael Gauthier (:gauthierm), Nick Burka (:cremini)
  • Accountable: Chris More and Jen Bertsch
  • Consulted: Holly Habstritt, Laura Forrest
  • Informed: Chad Weiner

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