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This lists all of the tasks necessary to get a project for an existing website started.

After receiving a project from a Product Owner and agreeing to move forward, the Project Manager will execute all of the tasks on this list.

Existing Website Iteration Process

Verification Checklist

Verify that the following tasks have already been performed for this website:

  • Verify that a wiki page has already been created for this website. If not, create one using the Website Wiki Template.
  • Verify that the Bugzilla component for this website already exists.
  • Verify the site info has been added to the Active Websites List page.
  • If a password is required for stage access, verify that it is documented in the Stage Credentials page.
  • Ensure that the developers assigned to this project have read / write access to the code repository.


  • Define primary and secondary individuals for project roles.
  • Create the Bugzilla Tickets for this project.
  • Email John Slater and CC Mike Alexis to get Creative involved early. They will provide Copy and Design.
  • Schedule the Weekly Meeting, if necessary.

Bugzilla Tickets

Create the following bugs for a new website project: