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This page contains all of the important details for Firefox Social Directory.

Project Description

Mozilla has permitted partners to activate their own manifests in Firefox Social API through an activation process on a partner-hosted domain. The array of activation styles has been different in each case. A consistent manner and appearance of activation within a Mozilla domain may be more impactful on engagement and user perception. We would like to introduce a template style of activation as an alternative to partner-hosted activation. This tool would also permit snippet promoted partners to have a higher activation rate than the previous blog promoted means.



The primary and secondary contacts for each role of this project:

  • Product owner - Christopher Arnold, Shane Caraveo
  • TPM - TBD
  • Web Project Manager - TBD
  • Developers - Shane Caraveo
  • L10N - TBD
  • Designer - Lee Tom
  • IT - TBD
  • QA - TBD
  • UX - TBD
  • Security - TBD
  • Legal - TBD


  • No meetings scheduled at present.


This site:

  • will allow users to activate social providers
  • will be pointed to from snippet campaigns in Firefox
  • will be regionally promoted (e.g. India only, NA only, Germany only)
  • will be a small set of static resources, run entirely client side
  • collects no data
  • will be tracked via Google Analytics
  • will not be generally localized
  • will contain localized messaging per-provider for some providers

Mockups and Designs

Project Management


Bugs should be filed with normal visibility; Security bugs or bugs with partner specific information should be filed with private visibility.