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This user engagement microsite is for a retention campaign aimed at deepening relationships with Firefox users and educating them about why we make Firefox. The concept is to show examples of how and what people think about the Web, connect that back to why we make Firefox, and then ask users to submit their response to the question. We then showcase submissions in a compelling gallery. This project was inspired by the WebDev offset in Portland and the associated video they created.

Note: Our intention is to build a re-usable platform to support the asking of multiple questions over time (but only one live at any given time). The initial question will be the one stated above.

Project bug: bug 667729


  • Product Owner: William R
  • Engagement: Winston (Engagement)
  • TPM: Chris M (TPM)
  • UX: Crystal
  • Designer: Tara
  • Content: Carmen
  • Media: TBD
  • L10N: Stas
  • QA: Matt
  • IT: Corey
  • WebDev: TBD
  • Security: Raymond


(The goals listed below are for the initial launch of the your web platform. Other questions may be asked over time and they will likely have different objectives.)

Objective: Build and deepen relationships with existing Firefox users.

Strategy: Execute a campaign that builds a stronger bond with our existing users by deepening their understanding of the Firefox mission, and the beauty of the Web. Encourage users to articulate what they love about the web in one word.

Measurable goals:

  • 150,000 submissions (words and photos submissions)
  • 30,000 new email subscribers
  • 75,000 shares via email (TBD), Facebook, and Twitter
  • Data for Market Insights: responses from users about what the Web means to them


  • Make this web application be generic to the question it is asking so we can use it in the future for other campaigns.
  • All of the answers should be foreign keys to the question ID.
  • Get existing L10N community to do the app's strings.
  • Create 100-200 pre-populated submissions from the Mozilla community.
  • TBD: Users can share their response or any response by sharing to a friend via email. Integration with an email service provider would be needed.
  • TBD: After the website is live, we would like to have any user of the website to translate the pictures/words and also require Mozilla approvals. This feature may be removed.
  • Which web platform should be used for development? PHP and Django (Playdoh) are the two being considered, and they have tradeoffs for development time and IT resources. If PHP is used, we may want to host this app externally.
  • Mechanical Turk for moderation
  • Use Snippets to ask the question and populate the form initially on the Your Web campaign.


The website will launch with the following locales:

  • en-US, DE, FR, ES, pt-BR, ID





Let's collaborate on #yourweb



  • Web app that focuses on a visualization of user-generated answers to questions
  • These questions can be changed out over time, and all responses are kept even when new questions are added.
  • Only one question is featured at a given time. This is the question that appears by default when a user visits
  • All responses are text, but users can also upload an image of themselves holding a poster with the text on it as well.
  • Design elements: Will use common design elements and styling.
  • Static content: 50 word blurb below the
  • Submission form: Response to question, image (optional), user's tag (Developer, Artist, Student, etc.), locale, newsletter opt-in, and privacy checkbox.
  • Newsletter: Response submission form has an opt-in to subscribe to the Mozilla & You newsletter.
  • Sharing: Users can share their own response on Facebook and Twitter. Users can also share out any response in the visualization on those social networks. May also allow users to share responses via email (see Considerations).
  • Localization: All static content will be localized before the site launch. Dynamic, user-generated content may or may not be localized. See the Considerations section above.


  • Live Timeline
  • Project had been on pause for a few weeks while finalizing resources.
  • November live date