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Meeting Details

  • 1:00pm PDT (20:00 GMT)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • 866-432-7917 (US)
  • 334-309-0297 (INTL)
  • join irc.mozilla.org #staffmeeting for attendance taking

In Attendance


  1. Development Updates
  2. IT Updates
  3. Product Management and Marketing Updates
  4. Foundation Updates
  5. Roundtable
  6. Other Business

Development Updates


  • An easily reproducible data loss regression in FF was identified Friday. It is bug 344249. This pushed the release date to Wednesday, July 26th. The bug only affects MacOS.
  • The bug was fixed very early Sunday morning. Respins for en-US, L10n an updates were completed around mid-day Sunday. Some focused testing was done on Sunday.
  • We plan to complete the testing of FF1.5.0.5 by early Tuesday and then staging will occur Tuesday evening in preparation for the Wednesday release.
  • TB1.5.0.5 Should be released Thursday, July 27th. There are a few testing steps remaining.

FF 2.0

  • Beta2 planned for Early August. Daily triage happening.

TB 2.0

  • Code and Release Notes Are Ready For The Alpha Release
  • Build Team is starting to have some free cycles to help package up the Alpha.
  • Tim's team has volunteered to do a smoketest once we have packaged bits!

Gecko 1.9



  • By the end of this week, we should have two more UB-capable build machines, which will ease pain on the cycle time all around, as well as offer UB capabilities to other products that don't currently have it (XULRunner, etc.) Mac coverage on those products may be spotty this week, as we upgrade these machines.
  • We've been asked a few times about publishing updates for Firefox Beta 1 RC N -> Beta 1 Release, due to numbers of premature downloads of RC1. The current plan is, minimally, to publish those updates for the Firefox Beta 2 release. There is a chance this upgrade path will be used for some update infrastructure testing pre-Beta 2 release.
  • The Build buglist continues to be triaged; if we accidentally close soemthing that is really needed, please re-open with an explanation/clarification.

IT Updates

  • Colo move complete - out of meer
  • OSCon this week
  • Build machine migrations
    • XServes this week
  • Addons move to MPT
    • Planning next week @ OSCON with the move planned for 8/4.
  • Mozilla.com publishing changes
    • Pushes from stage -> www are manual and done by IT. You can still publish to cvs as you did before and changes will be automatically pushed to www-stage.mozilla.com (password protected - please let IT know if you need/should have the password). When you are ready for your changes to be pushed live, please file an IT bug.

Product Management and Marketing Updates

  • World Firefox Day launched last week. Good initial uptake, worked out some of the kinks in the program, and looking now to turn up the volume on this.
  • Meeting with a firm that will be helping us to improve our branding. We're looking to polish and refine a more simplified view of Mozilla, so that we're easier to approach. Kicking off an 8-week project to look at who we are and how we present ourselves, as it relates to brand assets.
  • Working with Orkut Firefox community to make spreadfirefox.com available in that language
  • Will be launching the user panel and survey project this week

Developer Relations

Add-ons and AMO

Foundation Updates

See the report on Mozilla Foundation activities for the week ending July 21, 2006.


Other Business