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Meeting Details

  • 1:00pm PST (21:00 UTC)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • +1 866 879 4799 (pin 369) Conf# 8600 (US Toll Free)
  • +1 650 903 0800 x91 Conf# 8600 (US/International)
  • [Use *1 to mute yourself]
  • join irc.mozilla.org #staffmeeting for attendance taking

In Attendance

Development Updates

Fx/TB + Fx

Major Update

  • QA found a bug in update history that required a fix on the client side, so we decided to fix it in and push the major update out after the releases.
  • Target release date depends on, but the plan is to do it 1-2 weeks after. Release

  • Code freeze was scheduled for today 1/29, but we still have 3 critical blockers that we need fixed (target: 1/31 - 2/1)
  • Vista changes are scheduled to land on Trunk today, and after some bake time and QA testing, we plan to land them on the branch later this week (target: 1/31 - 2/1)
  • If all goes well, we should have RC builds later this week (target: 2/1 - 2/2)
  • Tentative release date TBD (depends on how soon the remaining blockers land and on QA testing)... but if all goes well, we might be able to hit 2/15.

TB 2.0

  • Thunderbird 2 Beta 2 was released last Wednesday!
  • Over 100,000 folks are using beta 2 since the release
  • Many thanks to Rob, Marcia, Tomcat, mcow, Tim, Tony, Bob and the rest of the QA team for their help.
  • Final looks on track for an early March release. Will sync up with build and QA again to figure out available release windows.

Gecko 1.9

Firefox 3



  • Working with build to take over tier 1 support
  • Stage migration
  • PHP5 cluster setup
  • GSLB - still working with Netscaler on finalizing the configuration
  • QA vmware migrations
  • Justdave in training
  • AUS2 staged in MPT
  • Supporting webtools in bouncer2 test/staging


  • We've moved trunk Mac builds over to the new Intel Xserves (and are enjoying lower cycle times); no problems have been reported, so we'll be turning off the "shadow" PPC Xserves, and re-purposing them.
  • In general, lots of Tinderbox/hardware movement; we're working on getting more Macs available to Community projects, as well as updating the SeaMonkey Tinderboxen, so look for those in the next few weeks. Please feel free to hollar loudly if a Tinderbox is seemingly missing.
  • Stage migration will happen will after
  • As Justin mentioned, we're working through the off-hours Tinderbox support policy with IT; we'll have something concrete to announce next week.
  • labs version control has been setup; ping preed/file a bug to get access/set up an area for your labs project.


  • Test Execution
    • [jay, juan, tchung, most]
      • Tested major update scenarios including partner fallback testing for null updates
      • Bug verification
    • Thunderbird 2
      • Final Testing of Thunderbird 2 Beta 2. The Test Plan has results of testing. Performed Update Testing and Live Testing
    • Planning for Gran Paradiso test development. We are organizing the test plan and mechanisms for assigning people to test areas. [tchung, marcia, timr]
  • Tools and Infrastructure
    • We had a planning meeting in Toronto last week to discuss plans for the buildbot test infrastructure, for reporting results, for automating such things as the JS test suite and the Security regression tests. A couple of students from Seneca College joined us to talk about a litmus testing extension and how Test Days go from the community perspective. This was very insightful. [robcee, coop, bc, alice, tracy, timr]
    • The Buildbot test infrastructure is now working. The first test build ran through on Linux on Friday. The buildbot master is now running which is the key to rolling out tests onto this infrastructure. [robcee]
    • Litmus: Worked on fix reporting, adding test run searching. bug 358817 [coop]
    • Identified and fixed bugs in automation scripts. [bc]
    • Talked with CTuft about plan to test out backup again (previous backups were causing performance issues with processing) [jay]
    • Continued work on QMO setup. Created template pages and started adding content. Need to test the site and add more content over the coming weeks. [jay]

Product Management and Marketing Updates

Product Management


  • Marketing content for the major update to Fx2 was completed last week. Kudos to the web l10n community for delivering localized content in all shipping languages!
  • TB2 web and press content is on track for the TB2 launch.
  • Updated and corrected start page snippet content was handed off last week for all locales, and is in review now by our partners.
  • We will spin up a review of in-product page content for the Fx2002 release and determine if updates are needed.


Developer Relations

  • FUEL source to be landing in the tree shortly
  • Looking for help cataloging and migrating the remaining developer docs from www.mozilla.org.
  • John did a screencast demo of using Firebug and jQuery, should be posted on MDC shortly.
  • Developer Day planning starting this week, stay tuned!

Webdev, Add-ons, AMO

AMO / Remora

  • Working on sandbox use-cases (read more here)
  • Deploying changes based on our awesome feedback
  • Ran into some load testing issues, working on those again this week
  • Filling in backend services and maintenance scripts
  • updated Alpha today or tomorrow, with Beta coming as soon as design changes, cake update and sandbox use-cases are addressed
  • Ran full migration of current AMO data, addressed some kinks in the migration script
  • Updated visual theme to coordinate with current site

Kubla (mozilla.com CMS)

  • Hit its first milestone on time


Foundation Updates

See the report on Mozilla Foundation activities for the week ending January 26, 2007.


Other Business