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Friends of the Tree Friends of the Tree

  • Anthony Hughes wrote in, "I would like to nominate ghseeli as a friend of the tree. He was the top tester for MozQA's Security Testday this past Friday, running 119 tests."
  • Matthias Versen writes in "I want to nominate Ria Klaassen as friend of the tree for trying to find the regression time for every open bug that is reproduceable even at the expense of OS corrupting bugs. Ria just had to reinstall an OS because it died while trying to reproduce a bug." Thanks for taking one for the team, Ria!

Development Updates


Firefox 3.5.1

  • Sam's started triage, should be continuing this week
  • still aiming for an end of the month release, priority on:
    • startup time issue being felt by some Windows users
    • text rendering when editing in languages that use complex scripts
    • bugs showing up as "topcrashers" to continue to improve stability

Firefox Front End Work

  • new asynchronous location bar builds are available; details
  • continuing work on Ts and "TSnappiness" work
  • also pushing hard on Windows CE related builds for NVIDIA's Tegra based devices
  • starting up work on longer term projects and building a Firefox product roadmap; hope to have something to share later this month

Team News

  • Steven Horlander joined the team as a visual designer for Firefox last week


  • What's next for JavaScript?

Branch work: Firefox 3.0.x / Thunderbird 2.0.0.x

  • Firefox 3.0.12
    • on track to ship to beta tomorrow
    • final ship next week
  • Firefox 3.0.13
    • please review the final schedule
    • blockers in place... 'please work on your blockers'
    • code freeze set for August 4 at 11:59pm

TB 3

  • Bearing down on 3.0b3
    • code/string freeze 23:59 tomorrow (July 14)
    • target ship date one week from tomorrow (July 21)



Release Engineering

  • FF3.0.12 beta
  • Places branch being opened - start gently! bug 459269
  • working up more mobile platforms
  • RelEng group here in MV this week; introductions


Test Execution

  • Fx3.0.12 smoketests, bfts, l10n, betatest updates
  • Continuing to cleanup feature subgroups, litmus results, bug verifications across Fx3.5

Web Dev Testing

  • AMO: Testing AMO 5.0.7 features. Created test cases for Tagging features, AMO homepage, and Contributions.
  • Mozilla.com: Tested mobile pages and filed bugs.

Metrics, Accessibility, Localization, Community

  • Community:
  • Accessibility: Reviewed these bug fixes: bug 418159, bug 501375, bug 501656. Worked with Steven Michaud on mac a11y. Hopefully, with his help, we can shed some light on bug 499927 and bug 499931. Over Twitter, worked with Everett Zufelt who is actively working on improving the accessibility of Drupal 7.
  • Metrics: Completed scripts to run Mochitest in smaller chunks. Started working on JScoverage tool scripting.
  • Working on a mozilla QA community business cards. Please vote on draft here

Test Development

  • Working on crash reproduction/minimization
  • QAC work is ongoing, bugzilla tab finished, starting on Litmus tab
  • Mozmill 1.2 is released!


  • Members of Security Team attending SOUPS conference this week.
  • Content Security Policy blog post has attracted a lot of great attention and feedback. CSP implementation is moving ahead nicely.


Firefox 3.5 Launch

  • Firefox 3.5 Swag Requests: We now have 244 requests for swag packs for 3.5 launch parties (up from 205 requests last week). If you requested a party pack by last Thursday (7/9) then it has shipped.  Please check with me if you need a tracking #.



  • Renegade Craft Festival, July 18 - 19, 2009, San Francisco - Opportunity to garner awareness for Personas and to get new ones created. Also a great place to expose add-ons. This is the last week to sign-up on the wiki.
  • Maker Faire Africa August 14 - 16, 2009, Accra, Ghana - Looking to sponsor the event and bring together the local L10n community. Check out the wiki for early details.
  • Jornadas Regionales de Software Libre en Chile October 7 - 9, 2009, Santiago, Chile - Looking to sponsor the event and bring together the Mozilla Hispanic Community. Check out the wiki for early details and let Laura or Sarah know if you are interested in participating.


No updates this week.


  • Published some early stats from the Fx3.5 launch. More to come.
  • Helped out with the “Movers and Shakers” feature on the getpersonas homepage. Thanks to Pedro and Eric.


  • No significant updates this week.


  • Harry Potter makes its way to Personas
  • Personas 1.6 launched -- bigger, badder servers
  • Ubiquity 0.5 released -- much more robust natural language and now localized!
  • Jetpack 0.3 released -- lots of updates, a storage api, selections, clipboards, slidebars. Better theme integration. We are now up to 60,000 daily users!
  • Weave 0.5pre launched.

Developer Tools

  • Tools Directory update
  • Memory Tool discussion
  • Bespin plugins


  • 5.0.7 launches 7/15
  • 5.0.8 launches 8/5
  • Add-ons and Personas at Renegade Craft Fair this weekend- sign up if you're going to be in town and want to help talk about add-ons and Mozilla with attendees
  • 92% of hosted add-ons compatible with 3.5.*



  • No major updates to report this week

Foundation Updates

  • Along w/ the Service Week team, we agreed to work closely with One Web Day on joint activities and fundraising.
    • One Web Day is September 22. Ideas and participation from across Mozilla welcome.
  • We held a meeting of Wikipedia / Creative Commons / Mozilla to find ways to jointly improve the CiviCRM online fundraising platform.
  • We continue to prepare for the relaunch of www.mozilla.org:
    • Our launch date has been delayed slightly w/ likely launch in August
    • If you are interested in helping us embed Bespin as a site editor, please let us know
    • If you own any documentation on the site, please review the open documentation migration bugs
    • See our site roadmap for our plans for after relaunch
  • Further updates have been posted to Committing Rules and Responsibilities
  • Based on Kathleen Wilson's recommendation, we approved inclusion of a root CA certificate from Sertifitseerimiskeskus (bug 414520).


New Interns

We have our last and final intern of the summer starting today! Wilson Lee (aka Kourge) will be joining the Web Dev team.

Show & Tell

This week we have the following interns presenting:

  • Anant Narayanan (Labs)
  • Brandon Pung (Labs)
  • Irina Calciu (Platform)
  • David Tran (IT)

Other Business