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AI v3 Square.png Trustworthy AI Working Groups
Owner: Temi Popo Years Active: 2020-present Updated: 2021-07-22
Working groups are collections of MozFest community members coming together to focus on a specific topic around trustworthy AI. These working groups are an extension of the Mozilla Festival; By convening regularly online, these groups will support ongoing work around trustworthy AI. All our work and organizing is done openly. [1].

Click any link below to find out more about our Trustworthy AI projects, the working group process, outputs, and how some teams used MozFest as platform to expand their work.

  • Truth as a Public Good
    Member Feedback: "This project would not have come into fruition were it not for MozFest providing a safe space and the framework to ideate with like-minded individuals committed to Technology’s original promise."
  • Zen of ML
    Member Feedback: "I found a team that worked consistently over several months to scope the Zen of ML concept, grapple with who its beneficiaries are, brainstorm learner journeys and experiment with approaches to crafting design principles. Mozfest provided a great milestone for us to work towards. It helped us consolidate our vision and get concrete about outputs."
  • Nanny State
    Member Feedback: "Mozfest introduced me to new people and exposure to a larger community. We aimed to engage with the broader MozFest community to design a more equitable labor platform and UX guide based on trustworthy AI principles for existing platforms. I met individuals from diverse sectors like engineering, legal, policy, and design backgrounds from all over the world. My project’s working group gave me new insights into my project."
  • Narrative Future of AI
    Member Feedback: "The working group's projects themselves are directly useful [to my organization's work]. Connecting to other people in the trustworthy AI field is also very valuable!"