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Nanny State Nanny Surveillance State was launched in the pilot cohort of Mozilla’s building trustworthy AI working group. This project explores the impact of surveillance and artificial intelligence on the labor industry, particularly on domestic workers, e.g., nannies and housekeepers. The use of artificial intelligence or AI in the labor sector is pervasive, there are examples of employers tracking labor productivity, health status, and replacing core job activities among others.

AI is capturing the employee’s digital footprint while simultaneously attempting to predict the employee’s next move. The underlying mechanisms of how AI is used by employers to collect and parse employee data is often not transparent and largely unregulated.

The team created a Diverse Intelligence (DI) chatbot to demonstrate what goes on behind the scenes when creating an AI platform, and to provide a context for my project. The DI chatbot is a storytelling tool that draws participants in to succinctly capture the experience of working as a nanny or housekeeper.

Di Long, Anisha Fernando, Roya Pakzad, Marlena Wisniak