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FAQ: How to Work Open at Mozilla

Frequently Asked Questions and helpful resources for when, why and how to work open at Mozilla. Got a question? Please add it below! This is a work in progress we're going to tackle together at the 2013 Mozilla Summit.


  • What does "working in the open" mean at Mozilla?
  • Why does Mozilla do it?
  • How has it changed?


  • What are examples of how working open has made Mozilla successful?


  • What's hard about working open?
  • What if I don't believe in the benefits?
  • When there's a conflict between openness and business requirements, how should we navigate that?
  • What are some examples of failures / areas we've done badly?

Strategies and Tactics

  • How do you work open? What are some specific strategies, tactics and best practices?

Different approaches

  • How do different parts of Mozilla take up working open differently? (e.g., design vs. communications vs. QA) What can we learn from each other?


  • What resources are available for guidance and help?

Resources about the open web:

Ways to Work Open at Mozilla: