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We need to collect and systemize the testcases we each have lying around, plus the ones attached in BugZilla, preferably using the new Litmus system.

It would also be really nice to integrate the official W3C XForms Test Suite into Litmus too.

Actually it could be fun to drive the running of test via an XForm, as Litmus uses XML and webservices, so it should a good match.


As I see it we should be able to test a lot of basic context, MDG, event functions without user interaction, and automatically check for correct values and states using the nsIXFormsAccessors API. So using a harness that spawns tests, and then waits for a success/failure message or a timeout, would should make it possible to test a lot of stuff automatically.


I'm a good way through the actual implementation of a test harness to automatize the tests. It will be public soon.

Beaufour 08:23, 14 Mar 2006 (PST)