Xelawafs report July 2011

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Reporter User:Xelawafs
Date July 2011
Recruits 3
Past Items Firefox Localization Hackathon, Government Open data Launch
Next Items Mozilla's presence at Wikimania - August: Plan for possible collaborations between Mozilla and Wikimedia

Mozilla's presence at Ushahidi event - August: Meetup Ushahidi community manager and plan for future Collaborations between Mozilla and Ushahidi

Strathmore ICT Conference - September: Mozilla's presence here. Also secure Strathmore as a venue for Mozilla meetups locally

Africa Open Days - September: Combined effort by Mozilla and Fedora, I'll be part of Mozilla's presence here

Event: Attended Kenya/Firefox l10n hackathon as Event Organizer

Event: Attended Kenya/jkuat-scosit Meetup as Mozilla Presence Organizer

Event: Attended Kenyan Government Open Data Launch as Participant

Link: Firefox Localization Hackatohne

Link: Kenya Government Open Data Launch

Link: IT Club Meetup JKUAT Campus