Yjsosa report November 2011

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Reporter User:Yjsosa
Date November 2011
Recruits 1
Past Items In October the principal activity that I was made is update the web site Firefoxmanía. News, informations about Firefox and Thunderbird are me principal motivation, sometimes I wrote articles about it`s because on Internet talk about things that are not and we should properly inform users.

Other activity that I development is the updating of all add-ons that we have published on our web site of add-ons, this task is very important for Firefox user and theirs appreciate the work. Per month almost always update more of 70 add-ons in in dependencies that to be updated or not by the developer. This task has been more easy thanks a new mozillians that I have recruited. Actually we have publish more that 250 add-ons, the best of each category chosen by us.

The social networks is very important in this moment, many people used this and visit constantly, update the web page of Community in Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is a work more for Erick and me. Sometimes in the wall appear olds news, but is because others problems that we know.

Day a day appear user with problems and doubts come to Firefoxmanía and try to give respond. Our site have a good reputation into of university and thanks to a friends of others blogs we know that in rest of Cuba many people this crazy waiting for the site have international visibility.

Next Items This month have been strong and we work much, Erick and me organize a event for release of Firefox 8 and for seven years that Firefox just celebrated. The two in the same schools is very good, to be near we are almost daily and spoke about idea and new things for help Mozilla from our country.

The integration with another community like Linux, PHP, Python and BlackHat is great for we and for this reason help them and attended their events.

The actions for the web site have international visibility continue to carry out and we note a progress as some of principal directives have approbate this but should be expected for by the Editorial Board of the University.

Every month I always do the same, publish news, updating add-ons and the page on socials networks. Spok with Firefox user about the changes on Internet and the bad that it can be for Mozilla and Open Web. We try to guide to people on this case but some people have a band in your eyes and not see more far the problem, mainly Chrome users, they argue that we say that because Chrome stalks to Firefox and we are desperate.