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About Release Management Team

The Release Management Team is tasked with ensuring the release process is on track while ensuring quality releases of our products for users.

Team Members

Firefox Desktop & Mobile

B2G/Firefox OS

Communication Channels

  • Team distribution list: release-mgmt at mozilla dot com


We host and are a part of number of meetings but you can't miss us at Channel Meetings,Postmortems,Release sign-offs where we discuss and try to resolve any release related issues.

  • Channel Meeting
    • This meeting takes place twice a week on Tuesday at 10 AM PT and Thursday at 2 PM PT in Release Coordination Vidyo Room
    • Channel Meeting Wiki Archive
  • Release Sign-offs
  1. REDIRECT Template:Version/Gecko/release/current/Final_Signoffs Release sign-off meeting ]
  1. REDIRECT Template:Version/Gecko/release/current.0 Postmortem Schedule & Agenda]

Quarterly Goals

2014 Q1 Goals Q2 Goals
2013 Q1 Goals Q2 Goals Q3 Goals Q4 Goals

Release Owners

  • For any questions related to landing of particular features, Beta scheduling, preffing on/off a feature, release notes etc for a particular Firefox version on any channel, below would be the best contacts in addition to emailing release-mgmt@mozilla.com
Firefox Version Owner Corresponding ESR Aurora Owner Release date
Firefox 27 Bhavana Bajaj Lukas Blakk Lukas Blakk 2014-02-04
Firefox 28 Lukas Blakk Sylvestre Ledru Sylvestre Ledru 2014-03-18
Firefox 29 Sylvestre Ledru (training with Lukas) Lawrence Mandel (training with Lukas) Lukas Blakk 2014-04-29
Firefox 30 Lukas Blakk Lawrence Mandel (shadowing Beta) Sylvestre Ledru 2014-06-10
Firefox 31 Sylvestre Ledru (training) Lukas Blakk Lawrence Mandel (training) 2014-07-22
Firefox 32 Lawrence Mandel Sylvestre Ledru Sylvestre Ledru 2014-09-02
Firefox 33 Sylvestre Ledru Lawrence Mandel Lukas Blakk 2014-10-14
Firefox 34 Lukas Blakk Sylvestre Ledru Lawrence Mandel 2014-11-25


Team Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of some common questions about getting started with community building that may address some of the questions you have.