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**The Gear Store will be restocked with on brand items in March 2018**

If you have a question, feedback, or suggestions, please email gearteam at mozilla dot com. If you are looking for gear for a new hire, email onboarding at mozilla dot com.


At Mozilla, the purpose of gear is to empower and reward Mozillians by enabling them to be strong advocates for our brand. This isn’t typical “corporate" swag — it’s a statement of your dedication to building a better Web.

Over time, we've come to see gear as a very valuable tool - and not just because it costs $$$. Mozilla gear tells the world that you're part of the Mozilla community and serves as recognition of all of your hard work in keeping the web open. (Which, by the way, is why we're using the term 'gear' rather than 'merch' or 'swag'...those words imply the types of throwaway items you'd get at a trade show or event. We want our stuff to have more meaning than that.)

If you have any questions about gear at Mozilla, please email gearteam at mozilla dot com.

How to Get and Give Gear

1. Get the Background: Review the approved uses and pictures of gear available.

2. File a Bug: Gear bugs can be filed here. For information on the exact steps to complete the bug, please see the ordering process.

3. Want to reward a fellow Mozillian? Send them some Gear!: Follow these short steps to request gear to be sent to the individual to thank them for their hard work.

4. Are you a new hire? The People Team will work with you to get your onboarding gear package.


You will need a Bugzilla account in order to file your gear bug. You can request gear with the bug as long as you are a registered Mozillian and your needs fit within the guidelines outlined here.

All Mozillians should use this bug to request gear to recognize another Mozillian's efforts, as long as it fits within the approved use guidelines. Aside from recognition, Mozilla Reps should continue to rely on their well-established process for ordering gear for events and campaigns.


For more information about the new Mozilla Gear site, please see our helpful FAQ here

Contact Information

  • Email: gearteam at mozilla dot com