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Can I purchase gear for personal use?

On March 31, 2016, Mozilla shut down With that closure, there is no longer a way for Mozilla enthusiasts to purchase gear.

Who can file a bug for gear?

Any Mozillian can file a bug to request gear to recognize another Mozillian's efforts, as long as it fits within the approved use guidelines. Paid Mozilla staff can also request gear for other purposes (i.e. events, campaigns) through this bug.

Mozilla Reps should continue to rely on their current, well-established method for ordering gear for events and projects. And Mozillians who are not Mozilla Reps can request gear for events through a Rep in their area. When possible, please request gear from a Rep at least one month in advance.

Does my team have a budget for gear?

Teams most likely did not budget for gear. However, gear usage as well as any shipping and customs/duties/taxes associated with those requests are being charged back to each team on a quarterly basis. Please check in with your HRBP if you have questions on that process.

Is there special gear for new hires at Mozilla?

The People Team now manages the new hire onboarding program at Mozilla. For any questions, please email onboarding at mozilla dot com.

Who can help me with a custom order?

We can! When you need to place a custom order, always fill out the 'Additional Comments' section of the traditional bug form with more information about your order and how we can be of help. (This includes an item not available in the store or customization work.)

What if I have a last minute request?

If you need gear within the week, please indicate so on the bug and we will assign the bug to a Space Gear Coordinator who will do their best to assist you from within your space.

Please note: Due to space limitations, gear is not available at every Mozilla space. More information about requesting gear from Mozilla spaces can be found here.