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This team is part of Mozilla's Open Innovation Team.

🌅 3 Year Vision

By 2020, Mozillians and participants find it easy to access, understand and collaborate on Mozilla’s projects, allowing them to be effective and feel good about contributing to the mission.

  1. Mozilla is a great participatory organization, welcoming to staff, volunteers, and allied community alike
  2. Programs see the value participation brings to their efforts, and are able to build it into their processes and workflows
  3. Mozilla is knowable and understandable leading people to see where and how they can make high value contributions
  4. Our software tools continue to evolve in ways that encourage (responsible) openness and match our aspiration for being a great participatory organization

👍 Principles for Participation

  • Volunteers have access to the right data, at the right time, through the right tools
    • Not all volunteers need access to all data (e.g. based on data sensitivity, NDA-status, etc.), but they do need to be able to seamlessly access what they need to execute Mozilla’s mission
  • Great ideas come from everywhere
    • Foster creation and collaboration, whether it originates from paid staff or from our amazing community of volunteers
  • Decrease inertia while protecting Mozilla’s brand
    • Low barrier for entry to get started as a volunteer and use progressively higher bars for representing Mozilla’s brand
  • Appropriate cost & security controls
  • By default, paid staff and volunteers should use the same platforms and tools

✅ Strategic Objectives for Participation

  1. Enable Mozilla ID
  2. Deliver volunteer management systems
  3. Evolve collaboration systems

🚩 Collaboration model

The program will be developed in close collaboration between IT and Participation.

  1. Participation and IT teams will co-design solutions
  2. Joint steering committee to oversee program
  3. Co-ownership at program and product level


👥 Who is the team?

As of Q2 2018

Participation Systems team in early February 2017

❤️❤️ Who are our volunteer contributors?

A big shout out to all the people at MCWS and Community Ops. You are doing an awesome job!

🙌🏼 How to get involved

The Participation Systems initiative is a run by a cross-organization team working on discrete, finite-duration projects. Each project has its own goals and composition of engaged stakeholders. For more information on how to get involved, click on the wiki page for each project below.

For general questions, urgent support requests or the casual chat, join us on:

And of course we also respond to a number of Bugzilla Products/Components.

🚀 Current Projects

Fireside Chat (SEPT 2016)

During a Fireside Chat on Air Mozilla in September 2016 George Roter (Head of Participation) and Josh Howard (Enterprise Architect) had a conversation on the strategic goals of the Volunteer Management Systems (VMS) initiative.

Volunteer Management Systems

Project Wiki page

Reps Portal

Project Wiki page

Community Analytics

Community Analytics, Mozilla's instance of Bitergia's Grimoire Lab

Old Project Wiki page (Participation Metrics)

Discourse 💬

Discourse microsite

Discourse Evolution project wiki page

Participation Infrastructure

Subproject: Community website migration

Project Wiki page

Access for non-staff Mozillians to documents and collaborative tools, Mozilla identity

Project Wiki page

Communication & Collaboration (c24n / CoCo) Tools List


ParSys Turing Days

ParSys Turing Day microsite