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QA Staff Meeting Notes Sep 29, 2010

New Hires

Project Status

  • Overview (2 min brief update)

Desktop Firefox (Juan)

  • Beta 7: Not code frozen yet. Maybe Today/Tomorrow.
  • Focus areas tests: They should all be ready in spreadsheet format.

Maintenance and Security (Geo)

  • 3.6.11/3.5.14
    • On track: most blockers landed, remaining blockers deferred.
    • Doing last minute verification of NSS/NSPR changes today
    • Builds should be coming out tonight, will email QA stakeholders when build IDs updated.
    • Mozmill testing tonight (Henrik)
    • BFT/Smoketests tomorrow (Geo, Juan/Waverly, gaby2300). More volunteers would be great! You can sign up for a smoketest platform by editing test plans:
    • Update testing on Friday (Anthony)
    • Geo will be out of town on Friday, Juan will give final signoff.

Browser Technologies (Tony)

  • Fennec (Aakash)
    • Mobifx has branched with trunk and b1
    • Will start a release test once 2.0b1 blocker list is down to zero. Rest of the blockers are all JS related.
    • Tests are being updated.
  • Sync (tracy)
    • Moderately successful test day on Friday
    • Sync nearing 1.5 complete. Ship to coincide with Fx4beta7
    • FF Home shipped 1.0.2 to world, now awaiting FF 1.0.3 this week. Changes will pick up localization of home page support of email addresses and sync key logins.
    • Xmarks is shutting down their service
  • Test Pilot (tracy)
    • New study testing strategy in place
    • Testing newest study today.
  • Jetpack (ayan)
    • SDK 0.8 and Flightdeck 1.0a5 released last week,
    • Both delayed by 2 weeks due to blockers.
    • Reasons - For Flightdeck, there was a configuration problem on the server bug 594211. For Jetpack SDK, test failures took much longer than expected to track down and resolve.
    • Starting with SDK 0.9, planning to drop explicit support for Firefox 3.6. Will only support 4.0 betas and nightlies.
    • Meeting with PMs to initiate the creation of test plan for Add-ons builder.
  • Crossweave (ayan)
    • Bunch of automation test cases written and checked in to hg.Some more test cases in progress, will be done before end of Q3.
    • Features of private browsing and negative testing of tabs sync added to crossweave platform.
    • Need to figure out a strategy with Tony and Jonathan for crossweave on FFx 4.0 and higher as Sync is going to be integrated into FFx 4.

WebQA (Stephen)

QA Services (Marcia)

  • Meetups
    • Very successful meetup last Wednesday. We streamed the meetup live and have the .ogg video available. Need to figure where to house these videos on QMO.
      • Any other ideas for upcoming meetups?
    • Next Munich Meetup, October 22
  • Community Planning
    • Plans in the works for a "Make Firefox Better" Workshop at the Drumbeat Festival in Barcelona. Marcia working on a proposal.
  • Video Work
    • Working with Rainer to put together the International Promo video. Rainer is suggesting that we consider doing just an international video instead of intercutting the new footage we shot during work week with the existing footage.
  • Accessibility:
    • FF4
      • Battling some last fall-outs from the post-bug 130078 fixes successful, no new crashers turned up over the past couple of days in this area.
      • Now working to land bug 570275 soon which will fix a whole range of other bugs as well, and which was necessitated by other performance enhancements for this release. Try-server build testing work.
    • FF 3.6.11:
      • Had another last-minute a11y fix landed yesterday, bug 600082, which was uncovered by one of the commercial assistive technology vendors. Waiting for verification from them on this since this code is not currently publicly available for me to test, but an initial try-server build test was successful. Together with bug 583952, this makes two important stability fixes for a11y in 3.6.11.

Test Automation (Henrik)

  • Goals
    • Q3
    • Q4 (not finalized)
  • Mozmill 1.5.1 release targeted for Oct. 8th
    • Contains fixes needed for buildbot integration and mostly all of our wanted features which haven't made it into Mozmill 1.5.
  • Tests
    • Finished part one of the local test data project (45s faster)
    • Updated AddonsAPI to support Firefox 4 (existing tests are getting updated right now)
    • DOMWalker which is needed for l10n and accessibility tests under review and lands soon
  • Events
    • Henrik will attend the Selenium meetup in London, Nov. 3rd
    • QA Test Automation work week planned for 2nd week in Nov.
  • General
    • We now have the #mozmill channel on IRC and the qa-auto(at) mailing list

Discussion Items

  • Goals Q3/Q4 (Matt)
  • Screencast (Ayan)

Round Table

  • (tchung) Propose ideas for QA projects for classroom curriculum at FIT.
    • Discussion Curriculum ideas
      • How can we better Firefox interface (run test pilot studies?)
      • What do we do with bugzilla data, and how can we best utilize the bugzilla system better? (bugzilla is a messy database and not maintained over time)
      • Evaluate the effectiveness of Bugzilla at mozilla. (tools, analysis)
      • Automation projects around Selenium
      • Performance analysis. (eg. mac firefox has per issues compared to Windows. What do people do around performance testing)
      • Designing new extensions that can make products more testable in firefox (jetpack?)
      • Make nightly tester tools better
      • HOw do we collect more data for feedback without compromising their privacy
      • Look at the state of code coverage around firefox. How do we use the data collectively?
      • How can we improve mobile device testing? (challenges around screen limitations, hardware, memory, a lot and lot of devices and OS)
      • Building an test automation framework for a mobile Chrome testing
      • Critique the current firefox crowdsourcing strategy. Create your own test strategy for firefox today
    • Doing a Tech talk next week on User interface Design and Testing
    • Also participating in a panel discussion with campus recruiting to first-year students (university sponsored)
  • - we need to come up with a plan to carve out time to talk about this

Takeaways and Action Items

Item Owner Due Done?