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Thunderbird Meeting Details


Action Items


  • AI:group write down desired IMAP offline behavior on wiki page for next week
  • AI:emre send recently written IMAP docs to bienvenu for review
  • AI:clarkbw different list view?
  • AI:Standard8/clarkbw: mac addrbook UI
  • AI:davida schedule postmortem for 3.0a1
  • AI:davida guided form doesn't allow version unsetting
  • AI:davida bugzilla should _refuse_ unspecified version
  • AI:davida version field UI in bugzilla should be clarified
  • AI:davida should have "file bug" menu item in nightlies/alphas
  • AI:group read/edit Thunderbird:Road Map To XULRunner‎
  • AI:group read/edit MailNews:Address Book RoadMap


  • AI:dmose mail release-drivers to start 3.0a1 push
  • AI:davida review format of status meetings minutes
    • Format of minutes copied from build team meetings
      • People move items during the week from Open to Closed section
      • AI: syntax convention allows for searching across the wiki
  • AI:nth10sd
  • QA for Shredder a1
    • QA signoff of Shredder a1 occurred on 2008-05-12.


  • QA almost completed by nth10sd
  • Release mechanics: who owns?
    • rick
      • after QA sez that bits looks good, release lead mails release-drivers that it's ok to push bits to mirrors (done manually, currently only by nick and john)
  • david to schedule postmortem
    • ASAP is best, before folks forget
    • but hard to schedule until the release itself actually happens


  • Why? - Release goals TBD
    • Possibilities
      • Better offline experience?
      • AI(group): write down desired behavior on wiki page for next week
      • AI(emre): send recently written IMAP docs to bienvenu for review
      • AI(clarkbw): different list view?
      • AI(Standard8/clarkbw): mac addrbook UI
  • When
    • Planned code freeze: July 8, 23:59 Pacific
  • QA
    • Shredder a1 QA was done by nth10sd (~3 days); nth10sd not available for a2
    • According to 6-8 week release schedule between alphas, he'll have finished his internship by then and will be on break.
      • There should be a plan for QA in Shredder a2. (see also next testday)

General Planning

QA Updates

Bug day results constantly updated in a spreadsheet. UNCO Graph continues to look good.

Last Test Bug Day Thursday 8th May 2008

  • QA testplan
    • Low number of participants (noted in m.d.a.t that we hit EU vacation season)
    • Litmus trunk tests largely NA, so unused.
    • Used Alpha 1 build and Rumbling Edge release notes.

Next Test Day

  • prior to alpha 2?
  • driver?

Next Bug Day Thursday 15th May 2008

  • Adds recent bugs with no comments to the mix (bugs <60 days old)
  • wsmwk largely unable to participate 05-15 due to travel
  • wsmwk unable to participate 05-22 due to conversions scheduled @work

Statistics - Overall, current bug break down and recent activity (not just bugday)

  • triage rate still not up to pace with rate of bugs being reported: m.d.a.t forums
  • by version (product=Thunderbird-only):
    • open/unconfirmed %unconfirmed:
      • <=1.0 89/49 55%
      • 1.5 350/207 59%
      • 2.0 615/297 48%
      • trunk 774/129 16%
      • unspec 3732/2575 69%
        • unspec is bugzilla's default setting
    • no comments other than reporter's (i.e. unworked), open/unconfirmed
      • <=1.0 33/18 - ~40% of the total for <=1.0
      • 1.5 77/48 - ~20% of the total for 1.5
      • 2.0 81/46 - <15% of the total for 2.0
      • trunk 145/20 - <20% of the total for trunk
      • unspec 1258/1104 - ~40% of the total for unspec
        • high percentage (40%) of unspec are "unworked" bugs, relative to vers=0.9-trunk (25%) - not a surprise
  • recent activity (product=Thunderbird)



  • Start page for 3.0a1 is pointless, as 3.0a1 uses chrome URL for that. To fix when we do the Shredder branding. bug 430762
  • blog entry on SSL issue hasn't generated much response
  • davida to test editing 2.0.0.x start page
  • safe testing: what can we do?
    • bienvenu: existing bug on doing what does
      • default POP to leave-on-server & delete after 7 days
    • Standard8: mozbackup extension actively developed
  • worked on try server patch for other projects; under review


  • Shredder Alpha 1 testing.
  • Reviews
  • bug 418777 Fixed LDAP autocomplete not working for authenticated connections.
  • bug 433307 Tidied up nsMsgBiffManager implementation and switched to use nsTArray rather than nsVoidArray (type safety improvement).
  • Automated tests
  • Switch to Toolkit's Password Manager
    • bug 419595 Reworked nsLDAPURL so that it will provide correctly formatted inputs as required for toolkit's password manager.
  • Switch to Toolkit's Autocomplete
    • Initial build config patch bug 370306
    • Started syncing some more of xpfe towards toolkit to make the conversion easier bug 309081




  • 3.0a1 rc built.
  • initial stab at momo infrastructure (at least, in terms of # of vm's, macs)


  • Bits of 3.0a1 driving work
  • Lots of catching up on email, blogs, reviews, etc.
  • Started thinking about sub-modules for reviewing
  • Started entering data and working with OmniFocus in an attempt to get more organized


  • Working on auto-opening mailboxes that receive filtered messages
  • Helping sid0 with debugging and the Bugzilla/CVS process, for desktop search integration
  • Dale says he will get some time within the next couple of days to talk to Emre about offline IMAP.
  • Will be offline next week, on vacation: 5/18-5/26.


  • Didn't work on bugs last week.
  • Holding dummy protocol implementation work until extending the protocol mechanism becomes a priority.
  • Data storage and search mechanism diagrams will be up after this meeting. Combined, they provide good understand of the design in-place and about how to extend the search features in back-end. Couple ideas are:
    • Develop an add-on to experiment sqlite based searching.
      • Pros: relatively isolated from the rest of the system, minimum impact/change on the current code
      • Pros: both the existent mechanism and the new one are functional at the same time for experiments
      • Cons: most likely, the code is not reusable
      • Cons: more coding, and add-on mumbo-jumbo (I think this is a technical term)
    • Replace the existent search mechanism by;
      • extending nsIMsgSearchAdapter interface
        • not sure how much work needed.
      • simply replacing the current implementation of nsMsgSearchOfflineMail class
        • simple and dirty. Relatively difficult to share with Bryan and others since it requires patching and compilation.
    • another idea: CLucene, as used in Flock
  • Imap offline improvements: Dale hasn't got back to me yet
  • Hasn't talk to Bryan about my findings yet
  • Next week;
    • I want to work on bugs assigned to me that I couldn't find time to work on last week.
    • I plan to develop an experimental Sqlite based search mechanism - if we decide to go on this direction.


  • Created tag meta-bug: bug 432710
  • Lots of work on deleting-lots-of-messages bug 296453. I think I have addressed all of the fundamental issues, although there's the question of...
    • Should we have a folder-events-only event stream that people can listen for, so they don't have to receive all the message events and just filter them out?
      • bienvenu: could add bit flags to allow for this
    • Created page on threading and the preferences that affect it in the process: MailNews:Message_Threading.
    • (Still need to log a related bug or two and try and get some unit testing for the topological sort logic.)
  • Touched base with clarkbw on search.



asuth, beckley, bienvenu, clarkbw, davida, dmose, emre, nth10sd, Standard8, wsmwk