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AMO User-Experience Mockups

User-Experience Improvement Areas

Short term priorities in bold:

  • add-on details page design
  • AMO front page design
  • improving the experience of browsing
    • layout of category add-ons list pages
    • revising the categorization
    • (improved navigability will be a combination of these two)
  • improving the search process
    • layout of search results page
    • improving search results (I can suggest, but this more out of my hands)
  • public/sandbox distinction
  • [clouserw] flow of uploading a new add-on (specifically, where to enter the process)
  • [clouserw] how to make language packs more accessible

Add-On Details Page


Sites with interesting search drill-down models that might let us merge browsing and search somewhat effectively:

--Shaver 07:59, 5 July 2007 (PDT)


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