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NOTE: The US and many other countries ended Daylight Savings Time early Sunday morning and returned to Standard Time. So now the Update meeting with be at 19:00 UTC (the "new" 11am PST) Monday.

Friends of the Tree Friends of the Tree

  • KaiRo wants to nominate Philip Chee (Ratty on IRC) for sending an add-on compatibility message for SeaMonkey 2.0 to several forums and now going through authors to send individual emails for making their add-ons compatible with 2.0 - of course, all on his free time.
  • Anthony Hughes writes in "This week I would like to nominate Aleksej as a friend of the tree for coming out and contributing to both days of our 2-day Mozmill Testscripting Testday last week."
  • Andreas wrote in "I would like to nominate Graydon Hoare (Mozilla) and Rick Reitmaier (Adobe) for their work on merging Mozilla's and Adobe's versions of the NanoJIT backend. With completion of this herculean Sisyphus task Adobe and Mozilla will be able to jointly develop NanoJIT instead of having to maintain two individual versions of it. This will also broaden our test coverage and test backend changes and optimizations against 2 virtual machines, our JavaScript engine as well as Adobe's Flash Player VM."
  • Gozer wrote in (a week ago, sorry for the delay) "I wish to nominate Henry Nester for friend of the tree. He is our #1 thunderbird 3 tester by far and a key part of the push to Thunderbird 3 [at the top of this chart] [1] He's also a primo tester of .de locale build and an awesome spot check tester of localized builds (special note for ludo+gozer) [2] and also a great bug reporter [3]

Development Updates


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Firefox 3.6 (Namoroka)

  • Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 shipped on Friday, check out the plea for feedback or release notes.
  • Nightly and beta users are encouraged to help us by reporting add-on compatibility
  • zpao's "session restore optimization" patch landed on trunk, should be moving to branch shortly
  • main development focus is on Firefox 3.6 Blockers
  • last week at the development and delivery meetings we decided to issue frequent updates to Firefox 3.6 Beta users on that update channel; aiming for the first update to be this week with:
    • DLL component directory lockdown and blacklisting patch (see bug 524904 and bug 519357
    • syntax changes for CSS gradients (see bug 513395)
    • cycle-collector patch to stop cycle collection instead of crashing (see bug 521750)
  • some questions were raised about the schedule for Firefox 3.6:
    • code freeze for RC is targeted at November 18th
    • RC release estimated for late November
    • final release estimated for early-to-mid December

Firefox Future

  • with a strong focus on wrapping up Firefox 3.6, not a lot of news this week for new things for Firefox 3.7; check out the projects and status links, above.

Team News


  • Fun times in CrashKill meetings:
    • dbaron has a patch in bug 521750 that will potentially fix 5-15% of crashes due to thread badness + cycle collector. This is going into release as soon as possible.
    • Other crash patches, from newer bugs: Font crash on startup: bug 524462, and a gif encoder crash: bug 525326
    • Will be talking about metrics and tools in today's meeting, along with individual bugs.
  • Blockers:
    • P1: 4
    • P2: 83
    • P3: 1
    • Other: 9
  • Team blocker numbers:

Branch work: Firefox 3.0.x / Firefox 3.5.x / Thunderbird 2.0.0.x

  • Firefox 3.5.5
    • scheduling a short-cycle release
    • developers jumped on creating fixes and had them ready by Friday evening (yay!)
    • hoping to start builds today or tomorrow


  • 3.0rc1 still has 22 blockers
  • RC1 build tomorrow seems unlikely; more news on tomorrow's Tb3 call


  • SeaMonkey 2.0 has been released last Tuesday!
  • Mostly good feedback, some migration issues from xpfe suites



Last Week

This Week

Release Engineering


Test Execution

  • Shipped Firefox 3.0.15 and 3.5.4 (with much delay on day of shipping)
  • Shipped Fx3.6b1 (week delay)
  • Fennec builds targeting last this week

Web Dev Testing

  • We now have in-litmus? and in-testsuite? flags for AMO and SUMO!
  • Wrote Mozilla.com automation tool to check redirects to landing pages for all the supported locales.
  • Created automated testcases to validate search functionality with advanced options; Completed test cases for platforms and applications. Developed Test cases for (AMO) Collections - a. Remove collection from favorites b. assign 'Manage' permission on collection c. Delete Collection

Metrics, Accessibility, Localization, Community

  • Accessibility:
    • Oversaw the landing of all the table accessibility patches on the 1.9.2 branch. Nominated a few ones that landed on central during my vacation. Verified all the bugs listed here. This basically completes the feature set of the a11y module, except for one or two patches David and Alex might still have in the pipeline.
    • Published a new Easy ARIA tip in response to a result from WebAIM's second screen reader survey results.
  • Community
    • Testday: 2 day Testscripting with MozMill 1.3 even was held last week. It was hosted by Seneca College student and previous Mozilla intern, ashughes. See Testday Results
    • Recently found 7 people interested in getting involved via VolunteerMatch and http://www.mozilla.org/contribute/
    • Helped with OpenSource meeting up involving Thunderbird in Munich. See Tomcat's blog entry.
  • Metrics - Windows coverage is now available! We are getting 55% coverage with all the automated tests except the jstest suite. We anticipate ~8% additional coverage once that is run.

Test Development

  • Jetpack test framework completed, preview to be released this week to labs
  • Mochitest OOP plugin tests running on E10S tree
  • Continuing work on Mobile Test Framework now called Orodurin.
  • More notes here


  • No updates this week



Five Years of Firefox

  • Light the World with Firefox
    • Help us test the mobile image -- need help with feature phones.
  • Firefox Anniversary Parties...more details to come via blog post, but here is a snap shot!
    • Nov 8th - Belgrade, Serbia
    • Nov 9th:
      • San Francisco:
      • Paris, France
      • Skopje, Macedonia
      • Warsaw (media + community)
      • Barcelona, Spain
      • Sofia + 3 other cities, Bulgaria
    • Nov 11th - Ljubljana, Slovenia
    • Nov 12th - Madrid, Spain
    • Nov 14th - Bucharest, Romania (100 people)
    • Nov 27th - Rome, Italy (300 people) TBC
    • November ? - Berlin, Germany
    • November ? - Brussels, Belgium
    • November ? - Poland
    • November ? - Distrito Federal, Mexico (200 people) TBD
    • End of November - Santiago, Chile (500 people)
    • Still looking for party hosts! Please get in your swag requests here


  • Community marketing call this Wednesday, Nov. 4th at 10 a.m. PDT/18:00 UTC (note the time change)
    • Dial-in Info: +1.650.903.0800, followed by 92# and then 7391#
    • Or you can use our toll-free number: +1.800.707.2533, followed by 369# and then 7391#. If you're outside the US, use Skype to call in with our toll-free number.
    • You can also watch the meeting live in Open Video at air mozilla
    • For those that can't make the call or want to participate online, join us in #marketing on IRC (irc.mozilla.org).
    • Agenda:
      • We'll be talking about Firefox anniversary topics!
      • Please send Mary (mary at mozilla dot com) any other items.




  • Firefox Market Share – two monthly reports came out yesterday. Both StatCounter and Net Applications show Firefox gaining nearly 0.5% in worldwide share during October.


  • Launched our first MDN survey this week, 3,000 responses so far. Hoping to get to 5,000 within the next week or two.


  • Design Lunch this week is Monday, 1pm pacific time in Ten-Forward, the topic is Jetpack, and the presenters are students from Parsons New School of Design participating in the Design Challenge.

Developer Tools

  • Patrick Walton started on the team last week, working on Bespin
  • We are actively working on issues for the first Bespin Embedded release, an editor component that people can use in their own applications.


  • Thanks for coming to last week's meetup, about 40 people showed up and a good time was had by all
  • Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 was launched last week along with the new Add-on Compatibility Reporter
    • 3600 active users
    • 363 reports of incompatible add-ons, 857 reports of compatible ones
      • the 857 reports represent 528 add-ons, 422 of them are not set as compatible with 3.6.*
        • If these add-ons turn their compatibility to 3.6.* then our total compatibility will be around 68%
    • 34% compatibility with 3.6.* and above



Web l10n updates

  1. FxFy campaign l10n underway for launch next Monday
  2. Fennec pages all underway.
  3. Thunderbird in-product pages
  4. Other projects: Updating Google snippets, Get Personas, Plugin page,

Fennec Product l10n

  1. 35 locales participating, not all are ready to go
  2. Multilocale build mentioned by coop
  3. Working on creating single builds with debian packages for individual download via the web

Firefox 3.6

  1. Sent out individual emails to locales to prep for RC1
  2. Over 50 locales participated in FF 3.6 beta 1


  1. Moving Verbatim into production


  1. Bugzilla and localizations components/products

Foundation Updates

  • We are looking at creating more "Activities Modules" - i.e. non-code areas of the project with an owner and peers. If you know an area which would benefit from having this structure, join the discussion in mozilla.governance.
  • Over the weekend, Mark posted an overview of where Drumbeat stands -- what parts are 'stable' and what's still in flux. This is a good post for people who want a snapshot of the process w/o diving into the wiki or forums.