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List of articles that need to be updated for each change in Firefox 3.6:


[DONE] "Troubleshooting information" added to Help menu bug 367596

[DONE] "Main panel" is now "General panel" in the Options/Preferences window bug 473692

[DONE] "Enable Java" is now removed from the Options/Preferences window's Content panel bug 506985.

[DONE] "Properties" is now removed from context menu (bug 513147), and there's now "View Image Info," which opens the Page Info Window Media panel.

  • None!

[DONE] "Help Contents" in Help menu is now "Firefox Help" bug 516080

[DONE] about:support page bug 367596

Instructions for the "Open Profile Folder" feature should be added to each of these articles which currently either link to or explain how to find your profile.

[DONE] Personas Integration bug 511104

[DONE] Awesome Form Autocomplete bug 370117, bug 446247

[DONE] Tabs opened from links appear next to the current tab bug 465673

[DONE] Windows 7 integration - jump lists bug 473045, taskbar previews bug 501490, download progress in taskbar bug 474060

[DONE] In the View menu -> Toolbars, the Menu Bar is listed and can be hidden, then toggled on and off with the Alt key (Windows only) bug 456535, bug 477256

[DONE] Full screen on Mac bug 505699

[DONE] Include "Full Screen" button in toolbar customize menu bug 206544

[DONE] Safe Mode "Reset bookmarks to Firefox defaults" is now "Delete all bookmarks except for backups" bug 503457

During or after release

[DONE] 3.5.4 Upgrade failure: "entry point js_SaveRegExpStatics could not be located" bug 525390

[DONE] Installing and updating

New articles that can wait