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This page contains all of the important details for the UX Design Guidelines for Apps Developers project.

Elevator Pitch

The "UX Design Guidelines for Apps Developers" project seeks to develop a set of design patterns and best practices for good and consistent User Experience design for Open Web Apps.

The project will proceed in phases: design patterns, responsive design, event substitution (see below).


Project Status

  • Stage 1: Design Patterns

Development Phases

  • Stage 1: Develop a set of building blocks for Open Web Apps and connect each of them with one or more x-tags facilitating the use of each pattern.
  • Stage 2: Responsive design patterns and x-tags/CSS examples facilitating the use of these patterns.
  • Stage 3 (as time permits): Event Substitution (and different event types depending on device) best practices.
  • Ongoing: General human interface/ usability guideline + additional resources


  • Target timeline: Q3/2012
  • Stages 1 to be completed from UX perspective by End of July
  • Stage 2 (&3 as time permits) to be completed from UX perspective by End of August.
  • Results to be published in a (TBD) production location (possibly: Apps Developers landing page) by end of Q3.


  • Weekly, Wednesdays 11:00am Pacific, room MTV-2C (CYA)
  • Vidyo/dial-in as needed

Specs / Useful links

  • ...