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Open Web Apps Desktop Test Framework


The following is a set of notes on different requirements and possible solutions for testing the desktop portion of the Open Web Apps infrastructure.

Extension Installation

  • Mozmill test cases for installation processes
  • Firefox-dependent test cases
  • Well-supported in Mozmill testing framework for apps-based system testing

App Installation

  • Test cases require extension to be there and not
    • Mozmill can handle extension-based testing
  • Cross-browser support required
    • Selenium does very well here
  • Cross-platform native installation is required
  • Need knowledge of the "app origin" and "app name" to determine system location of installation files on windows
    • Information above could be "useful" for testing in general
    • Mac - Just need the above information, could use known directory location, and investigate whether the application was installed in that location
    • Windows - Using needed information, could find the directory location, and investigate whether the application was installed in that location
  • Conflict here - Don't know if it's possible to combine Selenium and Mozmill under the same framework
    • Selenium approach may be more effective - Could utilize command line or build location to grab an install extension
    • UI approach would be an issue if that was the last resort though
    • Possible to merge both Selenium and Mozmill codebases under one roof?
    • Mozmill code - JavaScript, Selenium code would likely be in Python
      • JavaScript code could call Python Services?
      • Marionette a possible option?
  • Native installation analysis - use system os utilities to determine

App Execution

Analysis goes here


Analysis goes here

Uninstalling and Closing Apps

Analysis goes here


Analysis goes here


Analysis goes here

Software Qualities

Analysis goes here

  • Evolvability
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Resilience
  • Availability
  • Load
  • Longevity

Future Concerns

Analysis goes here