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Project Lead QA Status QA Q4 Plan
MarketPlace OWA Krupa Raj on track / blocked / at risk
Native Install Android Aaron Train In Progress Native Install Android
OWA Extension Mohamed Dabbagh on track / blocked / at risk
HTML5 Shim David Clarke on track / blocked / at risk

The plan for Q4 is to deliver an app infrastructure capable of supporting 10's of thousands of users. We aim to do this by executing on the following concepts.

  1. Test Reuse across the different software delivery platforms. Meaning unit tests should run across firefox+extension, ie (9/10), chrome, firefox.
  2. Market Place testing will be purely selenium based, and will execute test cases across Android Devices as well as the desktop.
  3. Android Native Application will most likely be a manual effort, but we will work towards devising a strategy that makes sense as time permits.
  4. Load Testing. The relevant pieces of the platform that need to be tested are the following: WebApps Web Service, Receipt Verification, App Sync Service. * There is a need to verify browserid can handle the load.
  5. Mozmill Automation across desktop. This is an easy win for reliability, but still requires a fair amount of work to get a set of tests written / shared API's etc.

Sprint 1.

  1. Need experts in writing mozmill tests, so we can focus on other parts of the infrastructure
  2. Need to have clear goals from the QA Leads as how we intend to execute on the company strategy.

Android Testing: On Hold until software delivery.

  1. Exploration into load testing.
    1. Investigate tool set required for the driving / reporting of load within our test infrastructure.
    2. Any ability to cache images


Goal for Q3 is to release a 1.0 version of the HTML5 Web Apps Store. There are a few different products that will be shipping simultaneously, but there will be some that can be tested separately.

Project Lead Developer Spec Reviewed When can we begin testing? Test Strategy
MarketPlace OWA Wil Clouser No 09/??/2011 MarketPlace
Native Install Android Anant Narayanan No End of October 2011 Native Install Android
Dashboards Dan Walkowski Yes 9/??/2011 Dashboards
OWA Extension Anant, Shane, (Mike Hanson) No 09/??/2011 OWA Extension
WebAPI's Ian Bicking / Mike Hanson No Continuous Change / Integration OWA WebAPI