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AIs/Follow ups from last meeting

  • Set up security review of the activities design and architecture (bsterne, mhanson, ben) - should also include F1. Owner: bsterne
  • Reach out to Mihai on Chrome Store + manifests. Owner: mhanson



Ben's update: meeting with Twitter covered the security aspects of Web Activities, they seem comfortable with it. No hacking on Apps this week. Will have to miss the meeting this week and next (off on vacation).

Shane's update: I have started a section on the intranet related to testing information ( I have met with the QA folks who are requesting basic information to get them started. Their most important ask are use cases so that they can start to come up with a test plan.

Client Platform

Server Platform (AMO)

  • Base leg: Plan formed, need to file bugs this week. Allen started.
  • Impala leg: Making good progress, pulling 50% from 2 extra devs to move this rapidly.



Not engineering, but working on spec and designs for Add-ons Marketplace, which will mostly cover Apps too.


  • tech reset: will be shooting for at least one q3 release, plan this week (mixedpuppy)
  • patches: MarkH has a large patch, focused on moving owa to using more jetpack and ports, need review/input/etc
  • client side oauth support for facebook getting close (mixedpuppy)

User Research

I'd like to go out to the field Aug 1-15 to understand what users want in an apps store/apps and answer any other questions we may have.



Marketing & PR

Consumer Launch Pages

  • Kick off meeting held with WebDev
  • This week - working on PRD for content and Product Page

Developer Pages MDN

  • This week - call with Jay Patel to begin development

Launch activities

  • This week - Developing Brief for Phase 1 Launch Campaign

Action Items

  • Marketplace spec should be done by end of this week. Owner: Fligtar.
  • Some contract stuff is still needed, we expect traction this week.
  • David Kettler to share marketplace front end designs with broader team.
  • MarkH needs help with some open web apps questions for F1. Owner: Mhanson
    • Will need a log in flow for F1.
    • FB is going to be Oauth based.