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Product Delivery


Share big picture progress and plans of the apps program components that need awareness and support from other team/leads at this meeting. Request help and awareness for issues resolution across the Apps Ecosystem programs.


  • Time: Wednesdays, 10am - 11am Pacific
  • Backchannel: #openwebapps
  • Virtual Location: "Mozilla Apps" Vidyo room
  • Physical Locations:
    • Mountain View: 2C - CYA
    • San Francisco: 7N - Noise Pop
  • Audio-only Access:
    • +1-650-903-0800 or +1-650-215-1282, x92, conf#: 98652 (US/INTL)
    • +1-800-707-2533, pin: 369, conf#: 98652 (US toll free)


  1. Action Items from last week
  2. WIP Roadshow Deck. (This roadshow version here > published weekly to program sponsors)
      1. Marketplace
      2. Dev Ecosystem
      3. Apps Content & Reviews
      4. Business Development
        1. preloaded apps for bus dev partners - getting final list together from TEF (ie: EA game not available)
      5. Partner Marketing
        1. what to do for MWC if anything, android etc.
      6. Go to Market
      7. Support
      8. FFOS Platform & Gaia
  3. Issues / Concerns

Old Minutes:

Engineering Meetings

See its dedicated meeting page.

Past Meeting Notes