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AIs/Follow ups from last meeting

  • Anant: Prepare the security brief for the implications of a LINK header pointing to the manifest
  • Phil: Get mobile apps code and review for desktop landing. See bug 609043, still in progress
  • Mobile: Get feature pages and planning materials available for QA
  • Fligtar: Marketplace spec should be done by end of this week.
  • Some contract stuff is still needed, we expect traction this week.
  • Hanson: Mail out process stuff so Shane can get a review of the activity changes


  • Writing up various flows for using Dashboards. Will work with UX to mock them up.
  • David: Finishing up second major iteration of OWA Marketplace designs, doing user research on mobile designs, making use cases for social in the store ("f2") for privacy review.


Client Platform

  • Had a Web Intents/Activities meeting with Google Chrome team. Goals are broadly aligned; we think that intents make more sense as a "bundle" with an application, while they are pursuing a discovery-through-markup strategy. We'll probably make a lightweight W3C coordination group (an XG) to talk this out in public.




  • follow up with mobile dev offline on feature pages (tchung)
  • get in touch with F1 team, to discuss a QA strategy (tchung)
  • set up app unit test vm(apprunner1) with unit test servers (stomlinson)
  • more use cases (stomlinson)
  • General project plan, so possible to align qa teams (dclarke)


User Research

  • Screener being sent out this week.
  • 1-day diary studies and 2-hr in home interviews starting Aug 5th ending Aug 13th.
  • Send non-developer, early-ish types to me, so I can send them the screener.

Marketing & PR

  • Request to OWA to submit talk proposal for New Game Conf - devengage/robhawkes is driving participation w/organizers
  • Event is Nov 1-2, SF, need submission by EOW

Action Items