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Apps Product Delivery Meeting

Please fill in your areas for the week.

Launch Market Beta to developers, including support for in-app payments with new UX flows(Justin, Bryan, Bill)

  • What is the communication plan for EOL of the apps dev preview? - Jen
  • Progress continues on bugs
  • Submission mocks getting final design tweaks

Launch Market Consumer Preview to an early adopter audience for Windows, Mac OS and Android platforms with new UX flows(Justin, Bryan, Bill)

Security (mcoates)

Content (Ron, Joe, Jane)

4 Tier 1,2 apps listed in the market

Approve funding plans for 10-25 Tier 1s; 30-60 Tier 2s

10K independent developers in the market with at least 25% submitting an app

Developer Engagement Content, Planning, and Activities are being tracked at

IT and supporting services infrastructure in production to support above.(Justin, MCoates)

  • Justin defining per-feature/service SLA
  • IT dedicated team with more resources on the way
  • SCL3 build out underway for redundant AMO

Product direction and strategy set for iOS (Jennifer, Ragavan)

Branding and visual identity for Market locked down (Jane)

  • Wordmark for Mozilla Marketplace is being delivered today.
  • Decision for logo is not to rush it. Aiming for new deliverable for Feb 17. Sean is working on revisions.

Business: Business model "in code." Distribution to developers working (Ragavan, Ron)

Launch readiness plan in place (including support) (Justin, Ragavan, Jennifer)

Go to market plan in place. (Jane)