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Apps Product Delivery Meeting

Please fill in your areas for the week.

Launch MarketPlace Beta (Justin, Bryan, Bill)

  • On track for April 26. Unstyled details page Unstyled search results
  • Visual design starting this week
  • fligtar working on nailing down features for future releases
  • architecture review for In-App Payment this week
  • security review for In-App Payment this week

Apps Ecosystem


  • Mobile
    • Wrapping up one round of work on Android WebRT using WebKit
    • Scoping effort around Android WebRT using Gecko
  • Desktop
    • Days away from landing patches for native app install and launch for FF14

Apps in the Cloud

  • Dev server supporting new AitC API available this week
  • Work on AitC clients begins this week
  • Services team trying to scope durability and disaster recovery for AitC service

Security (mcoates)

  • Tracking items here

Content (Ron, Joe, Jane)

IT and supporting services infrastructure in production to support above.(Justin, MCoates)

Product direction and strategy set for iOS (Jennifer, Ragavan)

Branding and visual identity for Market locked down (Jane)

Business: Business model "in code." Distribution to developers working (Ragavan, Ron)

Launch readiness plan in place (including support) (Justin, Ragavan, Jennifer)

Go to market plan in place. (Jane)

  • Draft delivered - waiting early feedback.
  • Planning walk through with Todd / Cbeard early next week


  • Still working out the work week for Apps. May need to do a virtual one in the near term.