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Purpose of this meeting: Big picture progress and plans of the apps program components and identification of issues that need alignment.

For dial-in info, see this page.


  1. Status Updates
  2. ...

Status Updates

Product Development (Engineering, QA, Security, UX)


News on payment plans, implementation, and legal/financial across B2G, Android, and Desktop


Updates on the identity integration with Marketplace and apps

Working through changes around the identity/payments flows for Firefox OS. We are putting together a plan, including the UX, technical architecture, and highlighting risks & decision points. We will start circulating it very soon.


Core Marketplace product and feature updates, release readiness

Firefox OS

B2G product updates concerning apps, release schedule updates

WebRT (Desktop & Android)

WebRT updates and readiness for upcoming milestones

WebRT android will be functionally ready for test day this Friday. All y'all expected to find / beg / borrow an Android device and test.

Apps in the Cloud

Latest on app sync

Continuing our work on a proof-of-concept AITC client for Firefox OS

User & Developer Engagement

Business Development

Progress towards regional app goals and feedback from partners


Go to market planning and merchandising updates

Developer Experience

Plans and progress in developer ecosystem, tutorials, and app lifecycle tools

App Review & Content

Current status of apps in the Marketplace and policy updates

  • "Philosophy" of app quality document WIP, ready to be shared soon.
  • Working with Dev Engagement to identify qualities and best practices that take apps from ok to great, they'll create a curriculum.
  • Initial analysis of current app quality on Android



Support plan updates


SLA reports and progress towards operational readiness

Action Items